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Purchased a hoodie from this online store, on the website all the products looks fantastic but when i got my product, it was very far away from those photos on the web! Quality, model, materials everything is very poor. You get what you pay, so be aware of their products. I was thinking to send them back the hoodie and get a refund, but it seems that i'll spend more money and time for this, than it deserves!

Feb 04, 2015
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  • Ma
      Feb 11, 2015

    Hello Danny,

    I am sorry to hear about your issue. While we try to ensure that the ordering and shipping process goes smoothly, there are times when a customer may receive a faulty item. In this case please contact our support team at [protected] and they will do their best to help solve the problem.

    Our clothing is affordable to all, and the photos displayed on our site are authentic and make an attempt to display the clothing as good as possible. As a new company, we are continually improving our services. Of course, all who are not happy with their orders, may return them for a full refund. (Please follow the instructions for returning items as listed on our website to ensure refund.)

    Again, we are sorry that you are unhappy. We hope you'll come back to visit us again. Customer satisfaction is always our goal.

    Thank you for your time,

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  • Wa
      Apr 22, 2015

    Did you ever get your refund?

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  • Al
      Nov 29, 2015

    Just got the same issue: what I ordered is not what I received in size and model. Exchanged at least 10 e-mails with "Macy", with no acceptable resolution. Accordent to them I received what I ordered but an XL turns ou as a XS accordant to their site. Escalated to PayPal and outcome is I can get refunded, if I slip the order back to China and pay for shipping and handling...

    Conclusion: you don't even get what you pay for - cheap clothing, cheap price, but you get the cheap service!

    Stay away or throw Your Money oui the window. It Will be less frustrating.

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  • Da
      Dec 02, 2015

    I got my AC hoodie today and the shape is wrong, the branding is wrong, the material is poor and overall experience does not reach half the expectation. I paid around 30 dollars for a very low quality hoodie.

    I am starting to think it is a deliberate scam, and the AC hoodies team is drawing money out of people in the west - they know we will not send the crap back, they can't be sued, and they know it.
    So you buy something and get less than half the value, and they make more than 15 dollars per customer. Nice business, fraudsters.

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  • Fr
      Jan 26, 2016

    Ordered a jacket in November. My order never got here. The tracking number says it's delivered, but I never got any notification or order. Didn't realize something was wrong until now.

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  • Do
      Mar 22, 2016

    I have the same problem. I ordered multiple hoodies adding up to $200. I contacted customer support but no avail. They do not seem to care. The change their terms and conditions from today to tomorrow but do not refund ordered items.
    I am deeply disappointed and still expect them to refund.

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  • Vl
      May 09, 2016

    i wanted to tell u that your products are of the worst quality I've ever seen. Uou have a good design ideas and then you waste them using the cheapest crap materials not even mentioning that me, 85kg 180cm man need to have 4XL size (I am L size in normal world). I ordered twice from you spending around 150 dollars and i truly regret this. The coat you delivered to me is so cheap and embarrassing that i will only use it for my dog's bedding - and i may even feel sorry for my dog to lie on it. Terrible.

    Why don't you use the design ideas to produce a good quality products? Or give customers the option - do u want a) chepaer unwaearabe stuff from chinese dwarf factory or b) decent looking product. I will pay 3x as much for the right thing. But i have no other option than to stay away from you and tell my friends so, too.

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