Assassins creed black flag / Game is awful

1 Welwyn Garden City, England, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Firstly the game itself is crap!!! It is not assassins creed it is a load of pirate rubbish, you have totally abused the name assassins creed and changed it into something else!!! I was a very frequent and loyal assassins creed gamer but after playing assassins creed black flag I will no longer be playing any more of the games that come out!! Throughout the entire game I was bored and was wondering why the hell it is called assassins creed when 90% of the time I was sailing a ship, yes I know it's called black flag but really pirates??? You couldn't have though of anything other than pirates!! If I wanted to play pirates, I would have specifically gone looking for a pirate game, but no, I wanted to play the next assassins creed and was highly disappointed!!!

Aug 05, 2014

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