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Aspen Property Consultants / Rental

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I rented a HDB flat through Shyam Lorenzo an agent of this company. He said the house owner is an indian national. He collected the agent fees and deposit and handed over the keys of the apartment. It has been 1 month now and he has never given the contract. I have learnt now that the house owner is actually a chinese national. this guy from ASPEN consultants has actually sublet the apartment. the people in this company are saying that they will ask this guy to contact me once he is back. when? no idea.

This is illegal.

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  • As
      20th of Sep, 2009
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    What happened to your case?

    I was also a victim of one of the agent of this company, Benjamin Peter. He did not divulge all the details of the 2-room HDB flat that we're trying to rent. It turned out that the so-called 'owner' was also renting it from the HDB. But we did not know this information. We're a bit too trusting because base on our previous experience, all the agents and owners were okay and very accommodating.

    We thought it was already smooth sailing after we paid the 6 months advance rental and 1 month deposit plus the agent's fee. But after a week, the owner wanted to talk to us. She said that she wants another 2 months advance to secure our stay in the flat!!! It's only then that we learned that she has a lot of rental arrears with HDB and SP Services and I don;t know what other papers are there... she has this bundle of unpaid bills that she has shown us.

    We are now trying to recover the full amount that we paid to them. It's been a week now and they (the socalled 'owner' and the agent) haven't returned it. This agent Benjamin even said that how can she return the money, she might have already spent it. What an excuse!!! To think that we have paid them on time, we're expecting that they will return it immediately.

    My advise to those people who are looking for a rental/sale property, please check all documents and if possible, make a background investigation of the agent's company. This Aspen company is quite small and don't have any track record. Oh, I forgot, they have a track record for conning other people.

  • Ma
      13th of Oct, 2009
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    I rented a 1+1 flat, #07-232, Block 107 Commonwealth Cresent Singapore 140107, starting from May 2009. The agent, named Dennis Ang (HP: 81442844) collected half-month rental fee for agent fee, 1-month rental for deposit and 2-month rental in advance.

    When I have just moved in for 2 weeks, the house owner keep texting me to borrow money then promised to offset it to my next rental payment. I paid her 2-month rental in advance before. Can you imagine that. So I didn't lend her more money, of course.

    1 week later, the owner smsed me again, saying that she needs to take back the house, immediately. I asked for my money back (deposit and rental in advance) but she said: "of couse, I dont have any cash left". I contacted the agent so many times, and he always promised to call the owner but he never did.

    I have to stay for next 2 months to offset the money. The owner never returned my deposit back. The agent never contacted me about the contract which was broken. I have to move out, loosing my agent fee for a couple of months stay and my deposit.

    I'm going to file a complaint about the agent and the houseowner as well.

  • Ba
      1st of Dec, 2009
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    I was actually conned by an agent by the name of Dennis Ang. He tried to rent me an apartment which was not approved by HDB. It was my fault to begin with as i didn't check with the agent / owner because being a foreigner how was i to know that studio apartments were not meant to be legally rented out.

    So, upon looking at the house, agreeing to the details and paying the agent fee and deposit, my colleague advised me that the unit i've rented is illegal and if HDB came i will need to move out immediately and am submissive to fine as well!

    Naturally, i called the agent immediately and ask him to return the money which he said he has paid the "owner" which i know is a lie because it was only a few hours between paying him and calling him and he said he will talk to the "owner". And of course, that was more than 5 months ago. I have yet to see a dime returned to me.

  • Sg
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    I was also tricked by one Agent from ASPEN Group named Ana. She told me before that the unit is approved and signed a contract for 1 year. After 3 months HDB officer came to the house pasting an aquisition letter in front of the door because the owner is not paying monthly amortization. I found out that HDB is not approved. The owner is also asking rental advance every month. After 6 months, I was told to vacate the house. I didnt noticed that there is a breakin clause in the contract. After calling the agent she told me that the owner is selling the house blah blah blah. Just imagine the commission that I paid 800 sgd plus the trouble of moving out, finding a new unit and the commission you have to pay to another agent! The agent offerred her services again and I need to pay her commission again. When I asked the unit that we are viewing if it is approved she said its difficult to find approved unit. She get angry and said i'm wasting her time when I said i will not get the unit we visited. During the turn over of the unit i asked her presence to facilitate it and become a witness butshe said its not her obligation anymore.

  • Ma
      25th of Jan, 2010
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    Hello, To Ben Yew;

    May I know that you are already staying at the flat that you rented by paying 6 months advance? Do they ask you to move out but not returning your money? I'm in the same situation and I need to find out about this more so that I won't be further cheated. I'm wholeheartedly looking forward for your reply.

    Thanks so much in advance.

  • Ba
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    Hi May5,

    No, i never moved in. I found out only a few hours too late to paid the ###.

    I have submitted a complaint against the owner and the agent unfortunately, the agent is not a registered agent so there is basically nothing they can do the agent except for dragging him to court which i couldn't because i don't even have his full name and residential address which i need to fill in the arbitration forms.

    As for the owner, i have since checked up on the house on a few occasions. It appears that it was never rented out and there isn't a way where i can check if HDB took any action against him either.

    The agent have since stopped picking up my phone calls. I made two police reports against him and the police also say there unless you bring him to arbitration court there isn't anything anyone can do. This is not a criminal case but a breached commercial trust - so say the police.

  • Ma
      22nd of Jun, 2010
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    I was cheated by the agent Dennis Ang from ASPEN. I rented 2+ 1 unit at Bedok North road, when i want to move the agent told its not HDB approved unit, so owner going lock one room. But i signed the contract for 2+1 and the rent is $1600. I said i don't want to move in becuase we are two couples. The agent said he will return the amount what i paid to them. Likely the owner is good guy he returned $1000 but this cheating guy still owing $1400 . i could not contact him because he changed the HP number and i reported to his company, nothing happen at all. I think the company ASPEN is no more.

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