Aspen Freya Wig / Impossible return policy

14765 Industry Circle, La Mirada, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 714-522-6900

They first sent us the wrong wig in the right box, we ordered correctly and they sent the correct box, but the wrong contents... so much for Quality control... this company has none.

This is my wifes eighth purchase from this company and though they got the color right this time and it Says it is a Freya Aspen wig it is no longer made in China. ALL of the previos six aspen freyas purchased from these folks were made in China...
And it is of poor quality, It is in fact made in Korea. She tried in vain to get it to style the way she wanted it, like past ones, for at least two of your three days before giving up.
It is just plain not the same product as the last six wigs she has ordered from you over the last two years.

Due to my wife treatments she did take longer than three days to evaluate this wig and I apologize for that but as compassionate people you must realize that 3 days is just not a realistic time frame sometimes. There are sick people that do not wear a wig by choice that might need more time to evaluate a wig.

Please just keep this simple and issue us the RMA and take this wig back.

They did/will not issue the RMA because she took longer than three days to decide if she liked their product...LUDICROUS when dealing with cancer paitents and alopecia suffers a person might be too sick to even look at a wig for three days.

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