Aspen Dental Managementhorrible dentures and would not make them right or give money back.

Ba Dec 11, 2018 Columbus/Hilliard, Ohio

My Parents (both age 80+) paid over $4000 for dentures and could NEVER get them fitted properly - they went to the office several times a month and finally after 7 months was told that the warranty was up and all they could do was both PAY FOR A NEW SET. The Hilliard (OH) Aspen Dental also would NOT GIVE THEIR MONEY BACK. The staff at this office even broke my mother's bottom denture and wouldn't repair it. Now they are both still suffering with these poorly made, crap dentures. These dentures are so bad my mother almost choked on the bottom denture while eating. She and my father have to take them out to eat.

Every time I see Aspen's commercial about "making things right or your money back" it makes me sick. I don't know how the rest of the Aspen company works, but this Columbus/Hilliard office took advantage of my parents and should be ashamed of themselves AND SHOULD MAKE IT RIGHT OR GIVE THEIR MONEY BACK.

If I do not hear from your company soon, I plan on letting others know via social media and any other way I can. Others should not have to deal with this type of treatment - especially the elderly. I have their paperwork and account numbers and can supply to you via email and will supply other information when contacted.

Aspen Dental Management

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