Askpcexperts Computer Experts — Awful service Misrepresented Prices

I don't have time to document all the company's outrageous behavior but here is a sample.

The employee had control of my computer remotely. He said I can extend my contract, getting full credit for the year (which was close to the end) that I paid for. I said okay. He then "entered" the order from my computer. On the final screen it showed the full price! I said wait! He simultaneously hit submit and put through the order. I then demanded either an email confirming that they would discount by the year already paid for or an immediately cancellation of the order. They said no to both. After I threatened a lawsuit, the technician indicated he made a mistake and they could not discount the year, so I could cancel.

He then told me they could not continue to work on the computer unless I renewed because my contract had ended. I threatened a lawsuit again because I had two days left.

They then worked on the computer. Near as I can tell they did not resolve ANY of the issues. Obviously I would never allow them remote access again, so would now like a full refund for the first year of service.

Jan 17, 2015

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