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It is not complain but need clarification I try to book hotel in beirut through . i book the hotel for next day my booking was taken and was informed I will be confirmed in next 24 hour. Now question is that you should not take booking and mention that We must book hotel 24 or 36 hours prior the date hotel required. So I got confused 24 hours will lapse by next night about 9 P.M. and need hotel 11 A.M. Question was there until next day morning what to do . Thanks I got message the hotel is not confirmed hence not charge.

I am frequently travelling to many countries and I used to be customer of with very bad experience i close chapter with them. They are really cheater only they get customers only through advertisement so they are surviving with every time new customers that's what I feel.

Then I am using I have two times problem but they don't have customer coplaints section in there site. so very difficult to contact them.

Since I was using your services before and today I check that you don't have any complain on this site, It surprise me and your hotel rates are also good . So why not to to restart with you, I was driven away by advertisements of booking .com and other companies.

Feb 18, 2015

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