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Department: @Cash (SG, MY)
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Your Question: Error Processing Transaction Log: Input string was not in a correct format.
Staff: [CSO] Leon
14:43:11 There are currently 1 chat request(s) before you in the chat queue.
14:43:11 Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
14:43:27 You are now chatting with [CSO] Leon - @Cash (SG, MY)
14:43:46 Liew Ket haw: hi
14:43:40 [CSO] Leon: Welcome to Asiasoft Live Chat, I'm [CSO] Leon, how may I help you?
14:43:54 Liew Ket haw: why i cant topup acash?
14:43:59 Liew Ket haw: everytime i topup
14:44:01 Liew Ket haw: its say
14:44:15 Liew Ket haw: Error Processing Transaction Log: Input string was not in a correct format.
14:45:05 [CSO] Leon: Hi, we are aware of the issue, kindly send us a report via e-mail to to [protected], we will get back to you once the issue has been resolved.
14:45:43 Liew Ket haw: mean i cannot topup today/
14:45:44 Liew Ket haw: ?
14:46:23 [CSO] Leon: Not likely, I'm afraid, we have informed our tech teams, but they have not come back to us yet, so no estimates on when it will be fixed.
14:47:12 Liew Ket haw: it is on your server side or?
14:47:21 Liew Ket haw: i mean the problem
14:48:22 Liew Ket haw: there is no use even i restart my pc right?
14:48:47 [CSO] Leon: At the moment, it looks like an issue on our side, so restarting won't help
14:51:33 Liew Ket haw: so when is this issue happened
14:52:17 [CSO] Leon: I cannot really say right now, should be about 30 mins to an hour ago, perhaps?
14:52:47 Liew Ket haw: when u guys contact the tech dept?
14:53:00 Liew Ket haw: as i need to topup asap
14:54:17 [CSO] Leon: The issue will likely not be resolved today, I'm sorry, as it is a weekend, and the relevant departments are not working today. Kindly wait for a reply to your report when you send it in for further assistance on the matter.
14:54:55 Liew Ket haw: even if i send the email or not
14:54:58 Liew Ket haw: still same
14:55:07 Liew Ket haw: the issue will no be resolve by today
14:55:17 Liew Ket haw: whats the point for me sending an email to u guys
14:55:39 Liew Ket haw: u guys got a big company
14:55:50 Liew Ket haw: but not even backup tech guys who can solve issue on weekend?
14:55:56 [CSO] Leon: So that we can reply back to you once we have fixed the issue, since your @Cash is likely stuck inside our system now
14:56:29 Liew Ket haw: such a big company
14:56:45 [CSO] Leon: As I mentioned, we have already notified our technicians, but stuck @Cash is not handled by them but by a different department, who are not working today.
14:57:08 Liew Ket haw: i got 4 cash card
14:57:14 Liew Ket haw: only 2 got this issue
14:57:17 Liew Ket haw: the other 2
14:57:20 Liew Ket haw: when can i topup
14:57:31 Liew Ket haw: today?
14:57:37 Liew Ket haw: or still have to wait
14:58:05 [CSO] Leon: Once the issue is fixed, you can try topping up again, but until then, you won't be able to, since it will just get your @Cash stuck. If you don't send in a report, we won't be able to tell you when it is fixed.
15:00:03 Liew Ket haw: i already sent
15:00:57 Liew Ket haw: i shall forward this chat to other online game site too
15:01:02 Liew Ket haw: because
15:01:01 [CSO] Leon: Alright then, in that case kindly wait for a reply, we will do so once we have been provided with a solution to the issue, or an update on the problem.
15:02:13 Liew Ket haw: if this issue not being solve today
15:02:24 Liew Ket haw: it is quite shame for your company
15:03:35 [CSO] Leon: Is there anything else aside from this that I can assist you with?
15:04:10 Liew Ket haw: how do i complain?
15:04:13 Liew Ket haw: complain to
15:04:18 Liew Ket haw: asiasoft sdn bhd
15:04:19 Liew Ket haw: ?
15:06:02 [CSO] Leon: Send an e-mail to [protected] if you would like to feedback regarding this issue
15:06:34 Liew Ket haw: im sending to mmorpg complaint side
15:06:48 Liew Ket haw: to let the whole world know
15:06:52 Liew Ket haw: this issue

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