Asian Bamboo Bengals / cattery (Not a complaint)

My son's black cat found a way out of the house and we assume hit by a car. Months went by and he still mourned the passing of his pet. All of our other pets are from shelters, found, or otherwise rescued. This time I wanted a special breed and admired the Bengal breed of felines. They are beautiful, playful and intelligent. I found Asian Bamboo Bengals online and it was within the amount I wanted to spend. We emailed quite a bit before I started a payment plan with her and selected a kitten. I loved that she accepted a payment plan through pay pal because it was easier for me that way. The day came that we picked up the kitten. Her cattery was clean, organized, and I was impressed. I come from a shelter background, and have seen the horrors of catteries/ puppy mills. The litter of kittens spend a month after they are weaned from the mother. All the kittens were affectionate, social, and breathe taking! I realized how lucky I was that she was ethical when she showed us a female Bengal that she had kept because of a balance issue. She was using her to socialize the litter of kittens. She explained due to the problem, she would keep this cat as a pet and to help with the kittens' socialization. If she was unethical and only breeding for the money, this would not be the case. Her kittens were all well cared for. She allowed us to spend three hours familiarizing ourselves with our kitten as well as explain Bengal care. In a heart beat I would purchase another Bengal from her.

Our kitten was extremely healthy when we purchased her. We have had no health issues with her, and she quickly adjusted to our household. She is a breathe taking feline! She is loving, social, and loves to play. I feel blessed to have had such a wonderful experience and Nayalla is a wonderful addition to our family. I strongly recommend her cattery.


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