Ashley Towing / Unlawful towing

My vehicle was parked lawfully in the apartment complex that I reside in. I have lived there for 7 months, but, 2 weeks prior I had a fender bender. I was waiting for the insurance company to get back to me. It was still drivable and I had driven it 3 days prior. On March 6th a sticker was placed on the vehicle, stating that it was inoperable/ stored. I immediately placed a note on it refuting that conclusion. On March 9th, I came home from work, after working the overnight shift and went to bed. When I awoke later that day, my vehicle was gone. I was not even notified, it was 2 days before, I knew where my vehicle was. They claimed, it had not been moved for 3 days, therefore, they could tow it. My vehicle was targeted because of the fender bender from earlier. Prior to the accident, my vehicle had set, without being moved, for as much as a week, without any problems. These people are crooks...I live in senior complex, there are plenty of times, when residents don't move their vehicle's for days at a time. Something shouldbe done, it appears that this is known by law enforcement and it is allowed to continue.

Mar 18, 2017

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