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Since day one we have had problems with our couch. It came in with the sewing coming undone. The first month we had springs popping off the back of one of the recliners, sewing coming undone on the couch and multiple places. Cushions getting flat and becoming bunched up. The backing or stuffing was falling out of all the backs of the seats. Our ottoman drawer was broken and the casters keep breaking. They tried to fix it by screwing screws in the casters but failed. Also in some spots instead of sewing the material they stapled it. It would be like holding 2 pieces of cloth in mid air and stapling them. There is no backing for the staples to go into. We have a bar under the sleeper mattress that is bent and the mattress itself has been used maybe a month total and has holes in it from the springs. They have lied saying our dogs have taken a crap on our couch. They said my wife said our dogs pooped on our couch and I was standing right there. It was a lie. That never happened. Our dogs are potty trained. I did lose my cool with customer service because of this. Then Big Sky Upholstery (a repair company)said it was customer and dog abuse that is why our couch is falling apart. They also said when they were here doing repairs our dogs are trying to chew through the door to get out. Also a lie. I took pictures of our couch and the door to show proof of them lying and to show the problems on our couch Here is the website that the pictures are on. http://spokane. app.[protected]/c/we3p1m (Complaint ID#: [protected]) I have emailed Sandra from the triple B with more pics they are not on the website yet.

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  • Ab
      Jul 28, 2010

    I bought my furniture from Ashely Furniture about 3 years ago, and I already got rid of it!! After the first year, I had to replace the couch. My husband and I live by ourselves, we don't have any children, and we got a 5lb dog after the couch started falling apart. We both work 40 hours a week and rather go out than have company. All in all the thing doesn't get used that much and it looks like it came from a dumpster! Anyways, this all took about a million phone calls, a million arguements with them, a half dozen emails to the BBB and Attorney General and about 5 or 6 reps jsut come look at it, and all we got was new material to put over the couch. And yes, they will make up lie after lie after lie to try and weasel their way out of their crappy cheap furniture. I have heard it ALL!

    The last rep, finally we got a nice customer service rep, blunt out told us that he would never buy furniture from even Macy's. All the new modern furniture is junk, its just the way do it now. My husband told him about a couch he bought from Goodwill when he first moved out on his own and it lasted forever, and the rep told him you're probably better off by doing that. When my husband called the store where we got our furniture he said the guy actually felt bad, and sounded like he was waiting for us to call. And when my husband told him about the whole Goodwill thing, he said the guy sounded like he choked up. lol

    Now we finally have cheap handmedowns furniture that are lasting alot longer than Ashley's Furniture and actually look alot nicer! We lost about a grand, but atleast we lived and learned before going back to that hellhole!!

    I had pictures, but I threw them out along with the $1000 worth of trash!

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  • Je
      Apr 25, 2012
    Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Bad customer service
    Ashley Furniture Homestore
    5001 S Padre Island Dr
    Corpus Christi
    United States

    Very bad customer service. They delivered the wrong furniture and I reported to them immediately. They said they will look into it. However, it's been a month, no any response from them. I called the customer service many times. Every time they asked me to leave a message, but just never called me back. So terrible customer service!!! Would never buy furniture in the company again!

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  • Be
      Apr 08, 2013

    I purchased a dining room set about four years ago. I live alone so it is not like I have a lot of usage for the table and chairs. I was vacuuming the floors last week and accidently hit (not hard) the chair leg which cracked in half. I am shocked. I have vacuumed and bumped into the furniture thousands of times and never had anything break in half and fall to the floor as the Ashley product did. What junk.

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  • Mi
      Oct 29, 2017

    My daughter and fiancé were expecting An Ashley HomeStore delivery on 10-28-2017 between 1:15 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. A lot of the family spent the day with them putting up pictures and placing furniture while waiting on the Ashley HomeStore furniture delivery. My daughter explained thru the day that Ashley HomeStore furniture would call about an hour ahead of actual delivery and that call did not come. The fiancé made several calls to inquire about the delivery and was given several different explanations that contradicted themselves. It was obvious lies were being told or simply made up information and each call was a new Ashley Furniture employee blaming either the local store, dispatch or delivery crew. Absolutely no one accepted responsibility or compassion for the late delivery. The fiancé then explained to the 3 generations of both sides of the family that this was the second scheduled delivery. Well, members of the family started researching the internet for Ashley Home Store furniture reviews and immediately became alarmed at the negative reviews and previously disappointed Ashley HomeStore customers. The complaints were as follows: peeling furniture materials, Chinese made products, NO RETURN POLICY, 10 percent penalty for cancelled deliveries and LATE DELIVERIES. My daughter and her fiances (approx. $3, 000.00 cash order) furniture ultimately was a week and 4 hours late. The entertainment center that was part of the delivery did not have its shelves and the crew said it would have to be delivered some other time. Three generations of family, friends and co-workers will not use Ashley Furniture in the future and will discuss this matter frequently with others if a furniture topic of conversation arises. I wouldn't be surprised if a national news channel or class action lawsuit happened in the future of Ashley furniture. Ashley HomeStore? NEVER!

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