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Ashley Furniture


peeling leather couch

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Contact information:
Ashley Furniture Homestore
Frisco, Texas
United States
I purchased a whole leather living room set from
Ashley home store in frisco on february 19, 2007. I
Also purchased the 5 year warranty. It was delivered
To me on march 5th 2007. What i have is a leather
Reclining sofa, reclining leather love seat and
Leather rocker recliner, all the same brand &

We have had no problems until this past week. Our
Furniture is peeling, yes peeling. The salesman
Assured me that it was 100% leather wherever our
Bodies touched. I wasn't aware that leather was
Supposed to peel, it just flakes off. It looks
Horrible and it's only 9 months old!

Yesterday i called the insurance people and they
Basically told me that 'peeling' was specifically not
Covered, although stabbing with a knife was. So if i
Stab my couch 'accidentally' they will fix it for free
For 5 years but since it is defective and peeling it
Is not covered.

I then called the ashley home store where i purchased
The furniture and asked to speak to the manager, they
Asked why and i explained my problem to them. They
Then said that i would have to let a customer service
Person know and they would take care of my problem. I
Went through the whole speech with the customer
Service lady and she explained that they would be
Happy to come and look at my defective furniture and
See what, if anything, needed to be done about it. I
Was very upset and asked if i could just get my money
Back (Since it's already paid in full) or exchange it
For some other type of real leather furniture in their
Store. They then told me that they would 'repair' any
Defective furniture or replace the cushion for up to
One year then after that i am on my own. They said
That peeling leather is not uncommon.
On january 11th, the ashley technician came to review
The issue. He immediately saw the problem and then
Started peeling back more of the leather. Now there
Is a huge 2 - 3 inch spot that is totally peeled away.

He was very friendly and very insightful. He told me
That he could replace the one cushion and the other 8
Or so spots that are peeling he could 'paint' them
When he repaired the cushion. He said that my paint
Was peeling off of my leather. I wasn't aware that
Leather was painted. When i showed him other pieces
Of leather furniture that i own that haven't ever
Peeled (But show wear) he let me know that furniture
Isn't made the same way it used to be. He said that
In the past things had better quality and held up

I also told him of the extended warranty that i
Purchased that was good for 5 years, but did not cover
Peeling leather. I told him that didn't understand
Why it didn't cover that and why the manufacturer only
Covered peeling leather for one year. If it peels, it
Should be replaced or refunded no matter how long you
Have had it!

I expressed how unsatisfied that i was with the
Product and asked if i could just get a refund and
Purchase quality furniture from a business that stood
Behind their product. He replied no, that ashley
Doesn't give refunds anymore. He said it was
'cheaper' for them to hire someone to go 'repair' it,
Even if it was numerous times than to refund the money
Back to the customer. I asked him if he had any
Ashley furniture in his home, he replied no maam, i
Wouldn't have any of that furniture in my home. When
I asked why, he said that it wasn't good quality. That
Is pretty sad when your own employee says that about
Your products! I need to get this resolved, as i
Don't want a couch with an orange circle on it in my
Family room.

After hearing the technicians advice and knowledge it
Made me wonder why anyone does business with ashley
Furniture. I know one thing, i will not be back.
They need to have higher standards and make sure their
Customers are happy, then they would have a great
Referrals and repeat customers.

I have filed a complaint with the bbb and they sent it
To "tom" and he emailed back saying that since a
'technician' was scheduled to be at my house on the
11th he considers this issue resolved. I don't think

I called the credit card (Which happened to be the
Store card) and wanted to dispute the charges, they
Said i couldn't dispute unless ashley refused to
'repair' my couches. I asked if painting fake leather
Meant repair, she didn't answer. Needless to say the
Account is paid off and cancelled and i am telling
Everyone i know to never do business with ashley
Furniture again.

I thought it was odd that the other 3 leather pieces
Of furniture that we have owned for years has no signs
Of peeling whatsoever and looks better than my 9 month
Old ashley furniture!
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N  24th of Jun, 2007 by    +1 Votes

Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. - What a waste of money!
United States

Several months ago I sent a letter to the Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. Director of Quality. I still have not received any response. The sofa and love seat set I purchased has to be the worst purchase I have ever made. You can feel every piece of wood and metal in the furniture, there is no padding. We even got so fed up sitting on the sofa we sat in front of it and lean on the foot portion of the sofa only to feel the metal framing in our backs. Please do not buy Ashley furniture. What a waste of money and you will get no customer service help. The salesman sold me on the furniture stain warranty. I believe the warranty will outlast the 5 year stain warranty. What crap!
N  11th of Nov, 2007 by    +1 Votes

Ashley - Couch just about broke in half and boards under neath falling out
United States

my husband bought me an asley furniture set with the love set we had it only 10 mts and the couch was breaking i was doing my exersises on the floor and noticed the boards poping out and pushing out the staples i then felt underneath and the boards were comming out the bottom so i lifted up the cushions and my sofa looked like it was going to split in half,i called the place where i bought it and they said they would come and look at it so here comes this guy with a stapler he was going to need more then a stapler told him that on the phone was already upset with the couch so they decided to take it back to the store where it sat for a few weeks before thier repair person could look at it so i sat with no sofa then they said they were going to give me a different one i was glad but then when they didnt call back i called and they said it was going to get fixed i said ok well 3 weeks went by and guess what my warrenty eas up and had to take the sofa i was so dicusted when they brougt it back it looked like crap they didnt strech the materal back it was tore on the black thing that covers the boards,spring sticking out under my cushion the legs on the couch looked like it was dragged down the street all the finish was off well i called them again and told them i wanted a new couch nope they ordered new legs and replaced the black cover underneath and still havent fixed the spring where can i write to to get help wrote asley a e mail and they said they couldnt do anything why have no idea its thier furniture and its junk as far as im concerned thank you
N  20th of Feb, 2008 by    +2 Votes
Hi Jennifer,

My name is Tammy and I am employed with Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI. I have been visiting many of the complaint websites and ran across your complaint. I am very sorry to hear about your frustrations with your purchase of Ashley Furniture. The store was correct to send a technician to complete and inspection and make any necessary repairs/adjustments as long as they are able to meet factory specifications, if they are unable to meet factory specs, they need to discuss the situation with their Ashley Marketing Specialist to assist them in a decision as to how to proceed. I am very concerned about your situation and I would like to diligently work with the stores customer care department to be sure you have been receiving a reasonable resolution. Therefore, I have forwarded your complaint directly to the Head of Customer Care for the independently owned and operated Frisco, TX HomeStore for further review.

Your Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. reference number is RN473607.

Thank you!

Tammy~Ashley Internet Communications
N  25th of Apr, 2008 by    -1 Votes
I just wanted to make everyone aware that Ashley furniture did come through finally! The ONLY reason things worked out so well is the wonderful assistant manager Shannon Loya in Frisco. He helped me tremendously, as did Susan Juarez. I appreciate their time and concern with my problems. I ended up getting a full refund, after my second brand new sofa had major defects. I got my check in the mail yesterday. THANK YOU for listening and helping get my problem resolved.
N  17th of May, 2008 by    +2 Votes
Hi, Jennifer. I just wanted to drop my 2 cents in. I worked in the furniture business for 2 years selling furniture, and I almost went to work for our Ashley home store here in my local area until I started hearing a lot of complaints about the store from industry insiders. The word on the street is that Ashley furniture has little to no customer service. We were always getting their customers because Ashley refused to refund money or do proper repairs. When I sell things it's because I believe in them, and the service that my company provides. After reading your story it makes me very happy that I didn't go to work for them. You are not alone. I'm sorry that has happened to you. I don't know where you live, but I can tell you that if you live in an area that has a Farmers Furniture store that you may want to do business with them. They are a wonderful company that will go above and beyond to make certain that you are satisfied. If you have a problem they will send a repair tech and if it can't be handled they will replace it with no hassles. They have wonderful protection plans and the truly stand by them. I no longer work for the company, but they are one of the best in the business when it comes to customer service. One more thing before I go. All over leather 100% leather will have broken up sections stiched together (it takes more than 1 cow to make a piece of furniture) if you find that the back or the sides of the furniture are just 1 piece it's NOT all leather or even 100% leather it's some sort of other material and not worth investing in if you're looking for long term furniture. I hope i've been able to give you some insight into the world of furniture. Good Luck. Happy Hunting.
N  4th of Jun, 2008 by    +1 Votes

Ashley Furniture - Bad experience
Ashley Furniture
810 Hwy 30 West
United States

I had an fantastic experience with Ashley Furniture Home Store in Gonzales Louisiana and think that these experiences are isolated.
A  15th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
I also purchased a leather ??? furniture sofa love seat & rocker recliner First recliner fell in on the right side tried to fix 3 times . Took BBB TO GIVE ME A NEW CHAIR Now I noticed my sofa is peeling
Looked for tags [ you know warning do not remove
Well guess what no tag's
But the recliner that was exchaned had a tag .
Luck or did they forget to remove this one ?
The tag stated 45% leather 55% plastick or something
Mr Goldberg sent me a certefied letter stating my chair was 100% leather !
But leather doesn't peel
I'm taking him & his Co. to court. Any one is welcome to go Maybe if there is enough of us .Something can be done If interested Please email me at ngtweetybird43@aol.com. I am from Williamstown NJ CALL ME A
N  20th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes

Ashley Furniture - Paid cash, but no delivery
Ashley Furniture
United States

I purchased some furniture from Ashley Furniture about 2 or 3 years ago, and have never received the products. I paid over $2000 in cash, scheduled the delivery, and before the delivery-the store closed and there was never a delivery. I have been trying get some information for about 2 to 3 yrs, and have been unsuccessful in accomplishing that. I still have the receipts for the items, and recently requested that the office in Wisconsin just provide me with at least a store credit, but the customer service rep. said that they were unable to assist me with this matter. I am highly disappointed in Ashley Furniture. They just took my money and ran with it. Although the store was independently owned and operated, it still represents Ashley Furniture and gives them a bad name.
N  17th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes

Ashley Furniture - Awful company and its products
Ashley Furniture
United States

I bought a dinning room table with 2 leafs and 8 chairs. On the day I was told it would be at my house it never can, we I call the store they told me my table was in but not my chairs. I was pissed I had already given our old table to my sister-in-law and had my boys birthday party that next weekend. The manger said he would have someone come and give me the store model until mine came in. (Which was the only nice thing he did.) The next week the delivering drive came to my door and said they had my table but they noticed a crack in it. So I sent it back. The manger called me and said they would rush my order and I would have it with in the next 2 weeks. And I did expect when the delivery drivers went to put it together the legs were the wrong size!! Then the manger said he would credit my the delivery charge and would check the table before it went out. I took another 3 weeks and many phone calls before I finally got my set and now he refused to give my the delivery fee because of a so called scratch on the model table! I total it took 5 months to get my dinning room set.
N  7th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
Thank you for bringing the above to our attention.
Unfortunately, as discussed, your purchase was made back in 2001 through an unrelated HomeStore operation that closed down in early-2002. Nevertheless, we have taken the liberty to contact the consumer affairs dept. at Ashley HomeStores, Ltd. in Arcadia, WI, on your behalf, and they have requested that you phone them at 800-477-2222 ext 5013. Please make them aware that you have attempted to contact them before as they have attempted in the past to "do the right thing" with regard to cust9omers from the above operation that closed down. As discussed, our current Ashley Furniture HomeStores in Jacksonville opened in 2005, and have satisfied over 75, 000 families in less than 4 years. In fact, we were just VOTED #1 Best Furniture Store here in Jacksonville as a result - in part- of our customer satisfaction ratings. Along those lines, we look forward to hearing from you to further assist you.
Stephanie Fehn
Customer Satisfaction Manager
N  13th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes

Ashley Furniture - glass of china cabinet is damaged
ashley furniture
United States

dining room was delivered thursday, march 12, 2009. glass panes are damaged-would like customer service to repair damages. I have tried calling customer service, answering system directed me to e-mail complaint.
A  14th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Thanks ladies,
I know I'm not crazy. I'm having the same exact problems with a leather sectional I purchased from Central Furniture in Chicago, IL. The furniture is barely 3 months old and is also peeling and tearing up. A repair man has been out and is coming back. I will take my chance in court. Why would furniture, leather be peeling? Thanks, for the insight!!!
A  15th of Aug, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I, too, have had the same problems with "leather" furniture purchased from Ashley Furniture. The "painted leather" peeled soon after I got it - within a few months, I called the warranty people and got the same answer as Jennifer. I should have stabbed the sofa, chair and loveseat with a knife! I got nowhere with the store manager, too. I even have a lawyer friend look over that warranty, and he thought it may be borderline fraudulent.
A technician came out and replaced the covers of the furniture, and interestingly enough he said similar things about Ashley selling painted leather as real leather, and that a lot of leather furniture in other stores are painted.
I paid for those repairs and it made me sick to do it. The store was no help, the warranty company was ridiculous and the worst part...the chair has peeled again. I have a 2 by 4 inch orange circle on the arm. I am now looking for a repair kit of my own to fix my chair. That's how I came across this site with these same compaints.
Even though its been over a year since the first repair, I may still call my local Ashley Furniture to tell them about the latest peelings, though I have my doubts on their willingness to help, their porfessionalism, and their integrity in the furniture business.
Congrats to you, Jennifer for following through! I wish I had carried it to the lengths you did when mine first occurred.
Kathy Sullivan rsulli3@verizon.net
A  13th of Oct, 2009 by    +2 Votes
They really arent worried about their customers. They are busy making money. I bought a sofa and love seat from ashley store in freemont, ca . The day i was buying it they wanted me to buy an extended warranty, so i did and i was told that it would cover everything. I just called the customer service people regarding my cushions not being resilient enough . I was told that none of the warranties they sell cover that . So why is that people sell things that they dont honor.
N  22nd of Oct, 2009 by    +1 Votes
i have same problem with my sofa, from ScS. it is peeling and the 5 year insurance does not cover that. i don't think i could get my money back as it is 2 years old now, but is anyone know how i can repair that. thanks
D  1st of Nov, 2009 by    +2 Votes
Leather will peel because of the way they attach the color or coating. The original complaint stated the sofa was fake leather I assure you it was not. In fact the parts that were not leather, most of the parts you don't sit on on most sofas are leather match..meaning vinyl. The vinyl does not peel or crack most of the time because it can be produced in the desired color all the way through. From what I understand the thicker and harder leather has a tendency to peel.
N  27th of Nov, 2009 by    +1 Votes

Ashley Funiture - Worst customer service ever
Ashley Funiture
United States

Worst Customer Service Ever!!! Bought Washer/Dryer. It was a nightmare from beginning to end!! They will take your $$ and leave you hanging. Make sure you get all terms & conditions in writing before they deliver because you're on your own after that !!! Don't Shop Ashley Furniture...they SUCK!!! They lost our personal information, gave us an invoice with somebody else's personal information. Would not deliver our appliances after we paid in full, didn't remove old appliances or connect new ones as was agreed. They would not return our calls!! They do not have a Return Policy!!! Merry Christmas from Ashley Furniture!!
N  27th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes

Ashley Furniture - Ripped off
Ashley Furniture
United States

I did my comparison shopping and went to Ashley Furniture in Arlington, TX. I gave cash of $2, 268 for living room furniture that was promised to be delivered in 10 days. Well 10 days has passed and guess what? No furniture. I called the 817 number of "the store" in Arlington..No it is in India with some rude non-English speaking person who couldn't find my order. Don't throw away your money. Do Not Shop Ashley Furniture. Learn from my mistake. I will never do business with any furniture store that doesn't have my furniture right then and there. Ripped Off...
N  12th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
something very simular happened to me I paid £3000 (thats about $5000) for a 2 seater and 3 seater sofa. then about 6 months it started to go all sticky and the the top "layer" of the leather was sliding off. I tried to return the sofa but the company had gone bust.
I have since found out that a lot of sofas and leather items are made in china, they make them up in a few base colors and then Spray paint them, ( yes just like a car) to many different tones. so after a while the paint slides or peels off. the only way you can tell in shop is to unzip a seat cover and find a seam, and that shows the true color. As most things in life its buyer beware.
N  16th of Feb, 2010 by    +2 Votes

Ashley Furniture - Terrible customer service and awful quality furniture
Ashley Furniture
United States

Myself and wife purchased a bed room set from Ashley furniture. After about a year the mattress developed a stain and my wife started to notice bite marks from bugs. We contacted every one that we could from this company there was terrible customer service. To top it all off I'm still waiting on some one to come out to check this mattress after a month of the reporting.

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