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Ashikurehman / sapmmed me against my freelancing service

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I am a freelancer writer who offers numerous writing services i.e. copywriting, article writing, ebook writing etc. recently, i have worked with Mr. AshikurRehman from bangladesh at the this man is operating multi-aacounts at the (according to him). The ID i have worked for is : vejadupur1 at

here is the link to the project, I got the job at:

I worked some 14000+ words with him. (all of the articles, I will attach with this post )
but at the time for the payment of the project he refused to pay me. he sent me five articles, which I refused to take up for writing because I needed the payment of the articles i had done, already. this man got mad at me and abused me and told me "go and do whatever you want, i will not pay you a cent".

here is the latest chat I had with him. ( I will add screen shots as well)

hope got mail


Maria: hey, yes

Sent at 10:42 AM on Thursday

Maria: i think i have completed my 14000 words


but u know that now it is PUJA now

so banks are closed

Maria: when are you going to pay for them?

ASHIKUR: it will open on saturday

Maria: which puja?

ASHIKUR: send me ur invoice and the work details

tomorrow night


Maria: ok. i will work after this puja

I am a little afraid... :)

ASHIKUR: means u r not taking this work?

Maria: yes, this means that do send me next task with the payment.

ASHIKUR: then i have to cut ur money

coz its assigned to u

and i dont have workers available

u can take leave after this work

Maria: why to cut my money???

ASHIKUR: u can take rest tomorrow

Maria: this is not fair

ASHIKUR: and then can start after payment


i sent u work already

and all are assigned

Maria: look brother... i have worked as per the requirements of the project.


i am not teeling you to wait

thousand days

Maria: now, as per requirements of the project you would have to pay me and then you will get me working

ASHIKUR: its thursday

and the bank is closed

it will open on saturday

i can pay on saturday

Maria: but you are not going to pay me through bank


i have to take moeny

Maria: you are going to do it through moneybookers or

ASHIKUR: and then have to put it on my acount


thats not an issue



i know

Maria: and then you will tell me that i have to wait five more days?

ASHIKUR: but i get the money in bank account

5 day?

today is thursday

and payment is on saturday

Maria: yes, the bak will upload money in five days...

ASHIKUR: thursday----saturday is 5 day?


they do it instant

Maria: look, i need money and you are seeming to be hesitant in paying me


i dont have that much time to say thousand things'

i can pay on saturday

Maria: i told you i have to pay my college dues.. and with this money i will be able to complete whole fee

ASHIKUR: coz bank is off today

u r doing todays assigned work or not/

just clear it


Maria: no

ASHIKUR: and let me take my decision



take care

thank you!

Maria: this is not fair

i have worked hard for you and now, you are telling me to have my fee deducted?

ASHIKUR: so i have to do it myself

and so i have to do it


thank you!

i am removing u from my chat list

Maria: what is this?

ASHIKUR: i had to go to a function

Maria: why?

ASHIKUR: and now i cant

so i cant take you now

Maria: just because i refused to take back my money

ASHIKUR: u made me excess angry


Maria: this is not it... you are not doing right

this is so wrongful

why are you doing this?


i am doing those works

coz i dont have writers now

Maria: your 14000 words are done na...

ASHIKUR: and i have to do the works that i assigned u

and i cant go to function now



Maria: then why are you coming up with this all???

i am telling you that i will work after my pay


Maria: but you are just putting stress on my weaker shoulders

this is so wrongful

ASHIKUR: i dont have 10000000000days fro that work



i have work to do

i cant chat here

and cant waste time


find a new client

Maria: and what about my pay???

ASHIKUR: as now i cant go to functions

so i dont think i am happy with u

Maria: you only have the problem that you can't go to the fucntions

ASHIKUR: so make ur results


now, I want this man to pay me back my money at

and I have a request as well to make to the to block his IP for good.


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  • Fr
      7th of Jan, 2011
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    We apologize for the experience you had with your buyer at

    Please note that we do not respond to customer issues on public forums. If you would like to contact us directly our Support Team are available 24/7 at this link or email

    If your complaint is regarding a legal or compliance issue you can email or write to us at PO Box 1121, Double Bay NSW 1360, AUSTRALIA. is the world's largest global outsourcing platform with over two million registered users. We value feedback from our users and would like to take the opportunity to improve wherever we can.

    Freelancer Support Team

  • Mr
      3rd of Mar, 2011
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    Hi freelancer support,
    I have already complainted and submit a ticket regarding these frauds, but this freelance website does not takes any actions. I have proof with me. There are many scammers on and odesk. I'm writign this comment with my experience. Many people have been cheated through various sources. I appreciate you maria for bring this issue to the open forum. Let others could be alert of these scammers.

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