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England, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Reference number [protected].
Dear Sir or Madame,

I ordered a tumble dryer off your website delivery date 08.04.2010 on a 7am to 7pm delivery time. I had to have a day off work to see this in and as I am on a temporary contract I do not get paid for time off. I called the day before to see If I could have a morning delivery as my company needed me in in the afternoon due to people off on holiday or sick. I was told this was not possible. My daughter called 4 times the next morning and I called twice to see if we could have an ETA on delivery as your depot is only Woodford and 30 minutes away we assumed it would be delivered in the morning. We were both told that the delivery would definitely happen and there was no problem The last time my daughter called and spoke to Lee she was told that the delivery driver was off sick and my tumble would not be delivered that day. I then called to complain and was told a manager would call me back on a 24 hour turn around I said this was not acceptable and wanted a call back within the hour, as you can probably guess this did not happen. I then called again and spoke to a manager called Nathier who offered me my delivery charge back and a £10 voucher which I was not willing to accept due to the fact that I have lost a days pay and was reassured every time I called that everything was fine and my tumble would be delivered. Then I was told it could be delivered the next day which would mean another day off work with no pay. Then my daughter asked if the deliver address could be changed and it could be delivered to her place of work then someone would drop this off to me later I was told this could not be done. I asked your manager for a head office telephone number and an e-mail address and was told for security reasons they could not give me this. I work in customer services and this is rubbish. My daughter then called again and asked for a Saturday delivery and was told someone would call her back if this was possible as you can guess again no call. But on Saturday we had a card through the door saying they had tried to deliver. Your delivery service is very unorganised and your customer service department very unhelpful, I would like a reply promptly with a more resonable offer of compensation .

Yours faithfully

Mrs S Stevens

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