Asda Direct / Con men cheats and Liars

Bournemouth, England, Dorset, United Kingdom

After having posted on the Swindlers complaint i now need to up date you all re my bloody sofa-
Finally after contacting my local and national press and my local trading standards and MP Asda choose to call me back ( after a mere 24 phone calls in total) Nice lady said she was a"supervisor" and she was able to deal with my complaint- she called the delivery company YOUDELL and they decided between them that they would deliver my sofa on a saturday and as a goodwill gesture she would refund the delivery charge ( big deal NOT)- anyway my sofa arrived when she said it would and to prove a point to the 1st pleb of a deliavery man who said it wouldn't fir through the door i asked them to leave it in my garden- i am pleased to tell you all i manged to get the sofa into my house THROUGH the FRONT door all on MY OWN- no sign of any good will payment making it's way back into my account, no offer to refund the money i spent on calls to them ( as i said there are NO freephon calls from a mobile) and not a word from Asda- sofa is great am really pleased with the look, the quailty and the price however was it worh the nightmare Asda put me through? NO WAY- will never but so much as a tea bag from that company ever again- good luck to all of you still waiting for them to provide you with any form of customer service- do as i did get the press and trading standards onto it it seems Asda don't want this made public

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