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I have been unemployed, like many in this nation, since January and it has been becoming increasingly difficult to meet my financial obligations. In fact, I currently have a monthly deficit when looking at my budget. For this reason I requested a loan modification from ASC Mortgage as part of an effort to balance my budget before the mortgage payment started to get even later and accrue even more late charges. I was refused because this mortgage company that my tax dollars bailed out will not give a loan modification to someone who can not afford their payment! I thought that was the whole point of the modification program-- to make it easier to meet your obligations! The person that worked with my file (Tyra) informed me that even if they granted a modification and lowered my payment and interest rate I would still have a deficit so they were not going to even try to help. By this train of thought they must think that going into foreclosure faster is the best option for people that paid the taxes to bail their company out! If anyone ever has their original mortgage sold to this company full of imbeciles I highly suggest an immediate refinancing with a bank that is known to them.

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  • Nm
      Jul 21, 2009

    this company did the same thing with me, I too argued that why would I be asking for a modification if I could afford my payment?

    Bunch of crooks!

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  • Pe
      Jul 23, 2009

    My ASC Mortgage Servicing experience,
    As a true believer in President Obama's promise of a more financially secure America less reliant on foreign oil and exaggerated greed I as an unemployed American hoped for a small break with the Hamp (Home Affordable Modification Program). This program may be a reality for those who have Freddie or Fannie owned mortgages however for most it is just an empty promise.
    Most mortgage companies like ASC have inexperienced employees that neither know what they are doing nor the laws regulating the companies they work for. Furthermore without government guidelines and watchdogs they can stall, intimidate customers and change the non-existent rules. These are my horrific experiences.

    April 13, 2009
    Applied for loan modification. Sent all documents requested faxes and sent by mail. Hardhip letter. Financial Worksheet.
    April 27, 2009
    Called to see progress . They said it was never received. Faxed over the documents again. Called 1 hour later to confirm. Not received
    April 28, 2009
    Nothing Yet
    April 30
    They got it. Do you need anything? ASC Rep replied No, Not Yet
    May 7
    Progress? Rep said Nothing yet
    May 18
    Received a letter stating more info requested Pay stubs, workmans comp agreements.
    Called same day & spoke to a rep and he stated that a letter from me outlining the income amounts only.
    May 19
    Faxed over the documents and called to see if they received the letter. Yes they did. Great.
    June 1
    Called for progress report and inform everything was going to be reviewed by a processor.
    June 3
    Received a letter from ASC requesting more informtion (i.e. pay stubs).
    Called ASC spoke to a rep and reiterated as in my hardship letter I AM UNEMPLOYED. UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE PAY STUBS. Confirmed that letter was sufficient and received and asked several times are you missing anything. Representative anwser "No everything is in order"
    June 10
    Receiveved a letter from ASC stating missing documents "Pay stubs". Did not call as they told me everythng was complete as of last week.
    June 24
    My Loan Modifiaction was DENIED . Foreclosure is the only option.
    Called ASC and Rep informed me documentation was missing (ie PAY STUBS, lease agreements, ) I was also informed that the REP that asked me to send the letter stating income was incorrect and they want PAY STUBS tenant lease information and workman's comp info. Again how can an unemployed man with no pay stubs that was never asked for tenant lease information until after the fact possibly get a loan modification. I was told to submit the lease information and re-apply since the case had been closed.
    June 31
    Called to confirm ASC received the lease info requested, hardship letter & worksheet again. Yes it was received.
    July 13
    Called to see the progress of loan modification. I was informed that because the letter had the original April date they could not be processed. I banged my head against the wall and refaxed the worksheet, letter and lease with the updated date.
    July 23
    Today Called to check updates. The rep who was very informative actually informed after 20 minutes of prying if ASC actually does loan modifications that although many request come in most people get denied because ASC deals with investors who do not participate with the HAMP program. I fall in the criteria of 31% of income vs. expense but I need to find out who owns my loan and if they don't participate in HAMP then my only option is foreclosure.

    So Mr. Obama is this what HAMP stands for:
    HAMPing any hope of getting loan modification
    HAMPing financially distressed people from getting HELP
    HAMPing the future growth of America

    This is what it really stands for:
    Here's Another MessyProgram


    Help-us Already Mr President


    Here's Another Millionare's Profit


    How About My Property

    Almost 4 months and NO HELP. I will be soon setting up camp in front of the Washington Monument in Obamaville thinking of how history repeats itself as shacks are be burned by local police. Mr. Obama, help America before it becomes a economic dustbowl again.

    BTW I have never made a late payment on my mortgage and my credit score is 731.
    Doing the right thing is more important than being a big thing.

    Wit's End

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  • Ta
      Sep 07, 2009

    We have found the same situation, My wife became disabled back in late 2007. In Febuary of 2008 she went in for what was supposed to be a over night sugery, her sugery had several complication, and needed more sugery, after which she was sen home, but her insurance would be for any in home support care. I (her husban) had to take a leave of abscent from my job making 80 k a year to take care of her basic human needs. We contacted ASC to let them know of our situation and was there restructure our loan to get a little relife. I write that hardship letter, turned in myh pay stubs, (which doesnt tell the the real story. 30 days later In writting ACS respomse was ":you make too much money and do not meet the requirments for any of our programs) That just tells me no listen to what i said or read my hardship letter. My wife under a totaly of 9 sugeries in 2008 in which time I never missed a payment to ACS or any other creditors. The accounts were getting low so In May 2008 I had to start paying people to come in and take care of my wife. Unfortunatly my company had took a hard hit from the economic down turn and my position there was eliminated, I got a job is about 30 days making 20k less than before, and yes I still made that mortgage payment. The economy caught up to this company to and I was put on part time. I once again jumped through all asc hoops but it took about 60 days just to hear " you case is still under review" . I was able to work a deal with my employer to work full time but UGG for 10 k less than before. I again called ACS and started the whole process over agian, I stayed on top of the comunication with them, Final a letter came from them now stated YOU WILL LOVE THIS, "you at present do not make enough money to qualifiy any of our programs, your option is to make more money, sell the house or do a sort sale" OH yeah did i tell i for got to mention i had to take a second job just to pay for the people to come in and take care of my wife? My accounts now are depleted, i have sold everything worth any value, and i was laid off on August. I made every payment to ACS from February 08 to April 09 on time. I came across this sit in an attempt to fine out who really owns ASC, Does anyone know who the investors are. Please if anyone else is haveing a problem with the ASC loan please feeklfree to contact me, I think that any of you who have really been trying to keep you home and are about to give up that is what they want. I am being derious with this offer, I say we keep or cool and join forces and make this publicly know we may just may have a chance if we are united. my contact is [protected] Good luck to all of you

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  • Ma
      Oct 13, 2009

    I have been trying to have a loan modification done with ASC since Dec. 2008. I have gathered and RESENT the same paperwork so many times. All these stories sound so simular to ours. I'm so frustrated right now and have had to repeat our hardships, financial stats, ect.. so much it's crazy. Today I called ASC three different times and asked the status of the loan modification and was told a different status from each person. One sounded so annoyed to be talking to me, I had to bite my tounge to not remind her that this is her job, she's lucky to have a job and should remind herself that she is putting her job sercurity at risk with her attitude. I' am once again going to REFILL out every bit of paper work and send it over to ASC. I asked why can't you use all the paper work I have sent you over and over & reminded them that the 2008 tax return and an update financial and pay stubs was just sent to them a month ago. They said because now it's out of date, there procedure is to have updated paperwork to continue to try and assist me. I was even given the option to give all this information over the phone to an ASC associate to avoid filling it all out again. After being on the phone with her for 30 minutes answering questions and giving her very personal information, she told me I would still have to fill out a new financial statement and send it to them. I want to screem!! This is my last straw. My file is so black and white that anyone who looks it over would say we are exactly the type of situation the program is made for. I'm over ASC and there run around. 1o months, this is just awful and stressful!!!

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  • Ar
      Nov 30, 2009

    I've tried the process 3 times. The 1st time they said I did not qualify because I didn't make enough, my debt to income was off. I waited 8 months and tried again and they told me I didn't qualify because I made to much and didn't need the assistance. My 3rd try which was 2 months ago was worse, I stopped making my payment to get there attention. I received the letter were the seem concerned and after being on the phoen for over 30 minutes giving my financial information to them they tell me they can not help me. There reason was I couldn't not afford the house and in order for me to qualify to qualify for the application I would need to catch up on my payments and make 3 payments on time in a row. But the funny thing is I would only be guarenteed that I could "apply" for the loan modification after the 3 on time payments, not that I would qualify for the loan modification. After they would receive my application along with my financial standings and hardship letter it would take them 2 to 4 months to get back to me to see if I qualified. This company is full of it! In my opinion they will never help me or anyone in this situation. I have yet to hear of anyone who has successfully received a loan modification from this dirt bag company.

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  • Ha
      Dec 09, 2009

    We've been trying to modify with ASC for over 10 months now. My story is no different than tha ones above - Games, lies, deception, stall tactics and no resolution whatsoever. On one instance I even had a CS rep from ASC tell me that I should take on a roomate or get a 2nd job to pay my bills. Sure, that will work in a 3 bedroom house with a family of 4 living in it already. If I could have reached through the phone to strangle him I would have.

    Looks like we are forclosing in the near future. Goodbye 780 credit score. Goodbye American dream. Goodbye first home. The only bright part in this whole modification disaster is that we can finally move on and I won't be arguting with my husband anymore. It's done.

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  • Em
      Dec 12, 2009

    To answer Taylor Kimball's question (admittedly 90+ days old) ASC is a servicing company for Wells Fargo.

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  • La
      Dec 17, 2009

    Wow... iam in the same situation... with ASC... im been trying to get a loan modification since Feb-08 and no answer, we about to lose our home how sad...we have a family nad pets... all we wanted a lower payment... ... but they arent willing to help... here is my e-mail [protected] please get in contact with me so we can do something about it... time is running!!!

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  • La
      Dec 17, 2009

    What can i do? should i send a letter to president Obama???

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  • Ha
      Jan 05, 2010

    Several years ago.I became disabled, (got bashed in the head with a crowbar). I had to retire, (at age 40ish) from a 27 year career teaching emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children. I was having horrific seizures, and was soon after diagnoised with Lupus and Graves disease too...(sorry, too much info.)

    Anyway, as a divorced mother of n adult child, not living with me, I was in quite the predicament. Needless to say, our everloving mortgage company here, couldn't care less! I was speaking to one of their "well trained, highly intelligent, oh so empathetic, trained monkies, (for lacl of another word that wouldn't get me in trouble), and the little (BEEEEEEP), had the audacity to say to me, in a holier than thou screechie voice, AND I QUOTE: "Well, It's not my fault if YOU can't pay your mortgage"!. End Quote. I was literally speachless!!

    Soon afterward, my hoyuse was in forclosure. I managed to borrow enough money to pull myself out of it that time, but with this economy, and the dispickable amount I recieve from SSDI, I have been try to work with these sadistic people for over a year to prevent going into forclosure again. But, being the warm hearted compassionate pilferer's these "people" are...

    I filled out all of my paperwork...faxed it in...even got a "thank you" letter, letting me know that they were in the proccess of modification..., then comes the, "our primary goal is to help you stay in your home". This was on Dec. 1, 2009. Then Wells Fargo sends a letter, I am apparently having some trouble making my payments...Can't imagine why!! Maybe because they decided to ADJUST my intrest rate from 9.2 to 12.5 and then to 15 something!!! Well, on the 10th I was informed of the change in my intrest rate.

    On the 28th, I have a very lengthy conversation with"scott", who assures me that everything is going along splendidly...This was confirmed by Patty Lawrence...and she said the process takes a while, so be patient. I probably won't hear anything until "APRIL". On Sunday, January 3rd, I check my mail. There is a letter from "Reiter & Schiller, P.A, (DATED DEC. 29th), The day after I was "assured". This leter states that as of DECEMBER 10, 2009...I am in forclosure!!!

    And the frosting on these BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEps cake is...Surprise! Surprise!!! The Sheriff's Sale is...Oh, come on...Guess...It starts with an "A"...yep! April 6th!!!

    I will die without my house!!!It's all I have left!! How can these heartless cowards lead me on and LIE to me so convincingly??????? I don't know what to do...all I do is cry...and on the little sister died...these people have no right to even be allowed to ASSOCIATE with the human race, let alone, pretent to help!!

    I have to wonder...did they mess with me so bad because I am disabled??? Or because I am poor??? Or because I am Native American???? Hmmmmmm??? Makes yah wonder huh?

    Thanks for listening...I have to go cry some more.



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  • Ma
      Jan 18, 2010

    We're going through the same process, but with a different twist. My fiance's house was in foreclosure when ASC agreed to a Foreberance Agreement to take care of what we had fallen behind on. The payments - 5 months of nearly double our regular payments were - all made on time by the 22nd of the month via phone (no more letters where they somehow never got our check).

    Knowing how these guys operate, we called before the last payment was made to see what they wanted for the next months. The rep told us "just keep on making the payments". Next month, we were told that we were late with the payment. Oops. No one told us the date was changed from the 22nd to the 7th!! And now...we're back in foreclosure.

    We tried jumping though the modification hoops with as much success as anyone else - got a letter this Saturday saying the only options were to basically give them the deed or try for a short sale. Selling in our market? Might as well just hand over the keys.

    Two can play at this, right?! Fiance wrote to them to authorize me to speak to them on his account (he's really through with this). So when I called today and I was calling on his behalf, they thought I was his attorney! I wasn't going to correct them! I gave information on my "client" and guess what...we might be eligible for the HAMP program. They're sending out the application.

    I've seen the other comments on this and not going to breathe easy yet. But at least we have 3 months in our house - they can't evict you during the trial period.

    Other advise: Look into what the foreclosure laws are in your state and be ready to use them. I looked on the State website, and by law they have to notify you in writing 6 weeks before the auction. Know your rights!!

    Good luck everyone!!

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  • Cb
      Jan 21, 2010

    Wow, I too have had the same experience with ASC...however, for me It has been on going since November of 2006! I made all of my mortgage payments to ASC via telephone. While making a payment by phone, the automated phone answering service offered advice that my adjustable rate mortgage would be adjusting upward soon as I was at the end of my ( interest only mortgage ) 2 year arm. In an effort to avoid the hike in interest rate, I followed this procedure and spoke with a rep. from ASC about possible programs. " Tiffany" explained that a loan modification or refinance was in perfect order for me as my loan would adjust in December 2006. As many of you had, I too filled out the proper financial statements and faxed all necessary forms to their modification department. I was told to check in with them by January 4th, 2007, because this process takes 30-60 days minimum. I followed up by doing exactly as told. I made the call as instructed and I also received the " everything is going as usual and is in review, however we are so backed up you will need to contact us in the next 30 days." I followed up with ASC weekly as I knew that my mortgage would be adjusting as I waited for an answer on refinancing or modification. I also inquired with ASC about continuing to send payments and was instructed to hang on to the payments, and that when a modification was approved, I would need to make "commitment" payments. I did as instructed. I made the commitment payment as instructed also. I called weekly and made sure that whoever the rep. was would also note my file as to my follow up with them. I did this until MAY 2007 when a verdict was finally reached. 2 things failed my attempt at modification. The market value of my home dropped as millions have and my debt to income ratio was too high, therefore, I was DENIED the attempt. I waited 6 months on their request, for them to HELP me, only to be denied. I was told again, that they could re-file my financial information to see if enough had changed from the previous attempt to complete a modification at this point...
    At this point I'd been through 8 months of waiting and 2 loan modification attempts. The second denial came in August 2007 for the same reasons as listed above. At the end of August 2007, I received the legal notification from a local law firm, that I too had fallen into FORECLOSURE!! I was not told this by ASC, but in fact, found out by a letter taped to my door from a law firm! I directly contacted ASC only to find out that I was in fact in " Active Foreclosure" and that I would be receiving documentation from ASC explaining the options. I soon learned that another modification attempt would at least postpone the foreclosure and any further sherriff auction attempts! And again, I submitted new financial info. and proceeded with a modification attemp.
    By the middle of 2008, I had been through 4 modification attempts, only to be denied on all accounts! I was told in August 2008, that I would need to vacate the home by September 9th, 2008 due to sheriff sale and that if the house were sold in this auction, that would be my drop dead date to remove my belongings...Sadly, I moved my whole family to my mother n laws home based on their request. The home was winterized by their company and locked up with pad locks in October, 2008 WITHOUT THE SALE OF THE HOME!! I was given wrong information by the foreclosure department at ASC! I never had to move!! I battled with ASC for the next few winter months as the new H4H ( hope for homeowners) program was released. I learned of the program by doing some research and it seemed as if I fit the mold for criteria required to qualify. I contacted ASC in February 2009 to start the ball rolling toward H4H program releif. This process would also require " QUALIFICATION" through ASC. Once again, here I was sending in financial's and hardship letters as I had 5 previous times! I was told by the ASC rep. that my account had been "flagged" for approval and that we should be in good standing for this program. A few weeks went by, when I made contact with ASC about the program. By this time is was March, 2009 and I had been out of the house for 6 months. They idicated to me that in order to honor the H4H program, I would need to occupy the residence. I soon moved my family back into the property in which I was trying so desperately to save and by April 2009, we were in and just waiting for the final approval letter to surface. I continued weekly and in some cases daily, to contact ASC as time was certainly of the essence. I was notified in April, 2009, that the H4H program had been "put on hold" and that there was no chance that I would qualify for the program. ALL OF THIS MOVING INTO AND OUT OF THE HOME FOR WHAT???? I let no time elapse and started to look for other programs to help. This is when I encountered the "Making Home Affordable Program" which was described by an ASC foreclosure rep., as a "revised version" of the H4H program that I had already applied for. This makes for modification attempt number 6!! I communicated with ASC often as I had put so much effort and energy into saving the home including, moving out of and back into the residence that they came back to me with a DENIAL in less than 30 days... I was also notified by ASC that there were 3 options available to me...
    1. Admit Foreclosure
    2. Shortsale of property
    3. Deed in lieu of foreclosure ( which was denied)
    I wasn't ready to admit foreclosure as it seemed to easy to roll off of their snake like toungues. They denied me of the deed in lieu of foreclosure option so that left me with 1 choice...I listed the home up for sale with a major real-estate firm in September, 2009 after a 7th modification attempt was denied. Just a little bit of humor in this all, the last rep. that I dealt with on the final modification attempt asked me in an attempt to increase my income or lower my debt to income ratio, to either get another job ( because there are so many out there) or cut things like "groceries and gas for my vehicles " which I need to support my wife and 2 small children...GREAT IDEA! I received 2 offers on the home in December 2009 and wasted no time submitting them to ASC. I fullfilled my obligation based on their request to attempt a shortsale of the home and guess what I received...a call from my realtor stating that ASC would like a new copy of financial information. This request came to me on January 14th, 2010 just 10 days after my newborn baby had arrived...and more than 3 years of trying to deal with a ridiculous, disorganized, disfunctional, BRUTALLY SLOW, manipulative and irresponcible company...They saw what the "fair market value " of the home is and what it sold for and all of the sudden became concerned and want to work out a solution...I don't think so...I think it's time for them to feel the pressure that I've dealt with. If they refuse the 2 shortsale offers, I'm fully prepared to go in front of a judge with a full breakdown of the past 3 years and my attempts, including actual names and conversations through ASC, as well as the 7 modification attempt information and denial letters. I thought that the government was requiring these lending institutions to "help" the people who had been taken advantage of through "subprime mortgage fraud" and come up with affordable resolutions. I'm not seeing it and I know that millions of other americans are in the same boat right along side me. I fought for 3 hard years so far, and I'm not giving up. Some people give in immediately to foreclosure, and that may be the easy way out while ruining any credit they might have, but not me...I AM FIGHTING THESE CROOKS! I have since been forced to move into another residence, to guarantee a nursery for my new child and family, all because ASC and many banks like them are too worried about taking it to the people who are trying to make it work, without giving in an inch along the way to just "fix their industry mistakes." Keep in mind while reading my comment, I'm not bickering over a $200/month increase. My mortgage went from $1100 a month to $1715/month in one year!! More than $600 increase per month with less income...It doesn't work! Thanks for hearing me out...hopefully none of you get stuck as long as I have...Keep fighting!

    Chris B.

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  • Dj
      Jun 13, 2010

    Totally agree with all the comments. ASC has no intention of helping people keep their homes. They keep up the pretense of " helping" while continuing to stress people out. Each month it is a different story from them. Each person you talk to tells you something different and almost never is the information accurate. SO a person is constantly wondering what is going to happen next. Does anyone know just how many ( if any ) mortagage loan modifications ASC has actually approved and how many they have denied? If we could find that out we may be able to start a class action suit? dana.[protected]

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  • Dj
      Jun 13, 2010

    agree with comments above. ASC has no intention of working with people so they can keep their homes. Can anyone email the percentage of mortagage loan modifications they have actually approved ( if they have approved any )? Perhaps a class action suit against them is the answer... dana.[protected]

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  • Rl
      Jun 21, 2010

    We're in the same boat. Filled out all forms ect... Then nothing! They don't even return our calls. Can't even get a live person on the phone! Keep us informed...[protected] I say CLASS ACTION SUIT!!!

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  • Vf
      Jun 25, 2010

    My case the same as above with more to add. I was advised that as long as I was making the agreed trial payments that my credit would not be affected and was advised to miss a payment to get involved with the option of modification. I was very detailed in my questions with regard to the possiblility of a denial and was told not to worry, should this happen they would make arrangements and could include adding the amounts to the end of the loan. 5 months later I receive mail that I now need to pay $11, 0000 plus to bring my loan current as I do not quallify...I was straight lied too! It, my is like they are trying to put me into not only am I struggling my credit ruined as well. Wasn't this a verbal contract? Didn't they break this contract? Also, why isn't all of this documented in any of the information they send to you! If anyone is considering legal action please let me know. I have kept very detailed notes from the firtst call to the last as well as copies of most information. Also, prior to contact in September asking for help I had not made a single late payment. [protected]

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  • Eg
      Jul 06, 2010

    ASC may be bad, but we have had a bad one also in Provident Bank in Rancho Cucamonga, CA My wife and I both understand that mortgage companies are being more careful nowadays. We're buying our first home and were told within 3 weeks (21-days) that we had qualified and were approved. We had sent in all of the things that they needed, i.e. tax forms, pay stubs, etc. We were very excited. We would drive by the home we were buying almost every day. We kept on being told that we would be closing soon. And then it started. We received a call from the mortgage company that they had lost a couple of pages from our tax returns. What??????? Papers with our social security numbers on them? Are you kidding me? Then they sent inquiry letters to the IRS to verify our incomes. That was cool. But, what do they do? They inquired using our old addresses and my wife's married name!!! They knew that we had recently gotten married. What kind of people are working there? As my real estate agent put it, "they're idiots!!!" We got into the 5th week of the escrow when they told us that our escrow would close between 30 and 45 days. They let us know that they lost some other paper work and then were missing the last pages of our bank statements. You're kidding me, right???? NO!!! As of today, July 5, 2010, we're at day number 56!!! What part of 30 - 45 is 56??? How about 11 days OVER our escrow closing date...
    I've come to the conclusion that a lot of people nowadays who work in a lot of different jobs are there for the paycheck and not for the customer service and to do the job right... They enjoy screwing with people's lives. We've been trying to get an answer to that we can get things ready like utilities, trash service and letting our current landlord know that we're moving out...for the 3rd time!!! We're hoping that the bank isn't as careless with collecting our money. I don't know what we'll do if they're calculaor fails...

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  • La
      Jul 21, 2010

    TRIED TO MODIFIY IT THROUGH NACA. Its has been modified three times. They keep changing the modification saying it their mathamatical error. But THIS LAST TIME it has been denied because a date was not on the budget worksheet. Does anyone communicate anymore, an email would be nice at least! I am having a REALATOR come over tonight to talk about a short sale.ANYONE that has shortsaled their property. Did ASC accepted the offer for a short sale? What do I have to seal with now? Stessed out, and done with ASC

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  • Gi
      Jul 31, 2010

    Lala5 sorry about your situation. Just wondering...have you seen any progress? I was hoping you could shed some light or offer some insight with what you have experienced thus far. Would you mind sharing the details of your experience with my family?

    We submitted a modification request to ASC through NACA for our home of 10yrs on June 6th 2010. ASC has been the loan sercice for the last 5 yrs. We have never been late & have infact always paid extra until Nov of last year. Recently our income was reduced dramatically due to employer cut backs resulting from the economy.

    We paid our July Pymnt on time as usual & were surprised to see that ASC collected the payment but did not apply the payment to principal or interes. Was this the case for you?

    Not only did they not adjust our mortgage balance with the July payment, they sent us a "Escrow Disclosure Statement & Notice of New Mortgage Payment" I am sure you can imagine my frustration when I discovered that they have RAISED my mortgage payment from $2, 667.86 to $3, 795.32. It seems that they are trying to impose an Escrow account to collect my property taxes & mortgage Insurance even though our mortgage has never had an Escrow account & we have always paid taxes & insurance directly & on time.

    You mentioned that ASC offered a modification but keeps changing it. Can you tell me how long you have been working with NACA & ASC? How long has it taken to get the 3 "modifications"? Whenever I attempt to speak with someone at ASC I get a run around. Are you able to speak with someone directly?

    Sorry to burden you with all these questions, I am sure you are very busy with your own situation. Good luck with saving your home!

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  • As
      Aug 09, 2010

    I have a job and, unfortunately, a mortgage ASC bought. My wife is an independent broker of construction materials - so I don't need to explain further on that front... The housing downturn cost us heavily for a time and I missed three payments - that was 15 months ago... Since then, I have been on two different payment plans, and one forbearance plan - all of which had higher monthly payments than my original payment. My FB just ended and ASC is now wanting my financials again... Seems they are so backed up, yet I am getting penalized. AND as an added pressure, ASC set a short sale date for 60 days from now!!! Stupid me thought ASC was actually trying to assist, but now it is time to involve an attorney. My wife and I adjusted our expenses and can actually afford the mortgage payment, but ASC is deadset on taking the house. Oh - did I mention I had put down a HUGE down payment on the house, so the short sale would actually cover the mortgage, and I would be out totally. This smells very badly to me of corruption within ASC.

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  • Mo
      Dec 29, 2010

    Call the presidential office [protected]) and explain the situation, it’s your last chance to resolve the issue with them; otherwise you need to find a good lawyer for a lawsuit action. It did work for me.

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  • Ti
      Jan 11, 2011

    I had a VERY good experience with ASC. It took patience and 120 days of daily work, but in the end my payment dropped by $600.00/month.
    My new payment is $434 plus property tax and insurance.
    I can live with that. I could work at a minimum wage job and be OK.
    I am thankfull every day that my modification rep. was there for us.

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  • Ma
      Feb 01, 2011

    I think ASC is the worst mortgage company to work with the customer service reps don"t no what they are doing.
    Our mortgage went up so high the payments are unreasonable we asked about modification we started january of 2010
    with the hemp program we were on the payment deferred program until we recivced an answer which took 9 months we were denied so we were told were are three payments behind if we don't make the payments either a short sale or face foreclosure what a choice you work so hard to pay your bills and keep a roof over your head thanks to the ASC we owe late fees that added up 3 late payments 1 payment kept into supension until everthing got straightened out guess what Asc mention modifcation still 4 months in review still no asnswer my husband fico score is lower because of the modifacation process so much for the American dream I hope in the future we never have to deal with ASC again""""""""""""""

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  • Om
      Aug 18, 2011

    you dont need to go seek help where there is no help and get scammed by those church rat

    who can not feed themselves, i got my loan last week, before now my comment where all over

    seeking for help and now i can give advise who to contact for help, simply contact

    [protected] or call them via +[protected]

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  • Om
      Aug 18, 2011

    i have read several references on yahoo and also suffered the internet
    for loans and have come to realize that it all accumulated to nothing
    as i was been scammed or been turned down, but after all that i went
    through i tried one more reference on yahoo by Mr Thomasson levers
    about ENGLISH WORLD LOANS and they turned out to give me the loan i
    had wanted all along. The moral of my reference here is not only for
    you to contact them, but to also know that there is a God up in heaven
    that atches us even in the deepest of our problems, so the bottom line
    is contact the above named company and your story will turn too.
    the email is [protected] and their website

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