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A.S.A.P. Relocations / No answer

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Below are my notes of the move. I wanted you to know the details of the move as much as possible.

On Sunday July 6, 2008 I used A.S.A.P. Relocations, Inc. to move my family from Los Altos, CA. 94022 to CA. 95014.

When I arranged for the move, a week earlier, I told Johnnie my contact at A.S.A.P. I was moving from a two bedroom with three storage units. I informed him that I have a lot of stuff and they should plan on a volume that of a four bedroom move. He then quoted $145.00/hr for six movers. No other charges were mentioned or discussed. With this I budgeted roughly, $895.00 +/-. When we moved 2.5 years ago from Daly City to Los Altos, total cost of move was $900.00 for a greater driving time. This move was only eight miles and 18 minutes away.

I was told that the movers would call ½ hour before arriving, between 12 pm to 2pm. The mover arrived at 2:36 (I was charged starting at 2:30) and they were noticeably tired. The driver (who appeared to be in-charge) confirmed this was their second move of the day. If I had known this I would have scheduled to be the first move. One of the movers in particular was very slow. I noticed he was struggling with the move. Twice I saw him bump furniture into walls and once I saw him drop several boxes from the dollie. I often watched him standing and watching the others.

When the truck pulled in, I told driver that the truck was not big enough. It was much smaller than moving trucks I am used to. After we walked thru my house and asked him again. He shrugged his shoulders said it should be OK. He arrived with four movers not the six I requested and confirmed I would have. I wanted six for a faster move. When they first started I showed the driver, the crew was being lazy with the dollies, the stairs where being damaged. He replied thats the way its done, unless you want me to take twenty hours. Much later that night I was told they would not be able to fit everything in one trip. I reminded the contact of my concern of the size of the truck. He did not care. I asked for my three small wine storage units make it on so I could store the wine I already had at the house. All three units where delivered upside down.

I had 5 boxes labeled $$$fragile this side up$$$ on a white label, with a red sharpie, on the sides and on top. All of the boxes where delivered on the side or upside down.

During the move I noticed a cell phone being charged by one of the movers. I would have said yes if asked. I was further disappointed not to have been asked.

On the first day after the loading they wanted to stop and get some energy drinks. I thought it was a great idea. I went in with the driver. He placed the drinks on the checkout counter. I told him I would pay for all of the drinks. After he realized I would pay he added candy bars. Very shady.

They used $743.67 in non approved packaging material which except for the wardrobe boxes was then discarded at our residence. The movers used wardrobe boxes to consolidate some small items. When we reach the house they were unloaded. Then I was charged $390.00 for the boxes. I told the driver the use of wardrobe boxes was included. He said he was just a driver and did not know the details. The next day I stopped by my work and printed the email with This price includes: * FREE use of wardrobe boxes. He said they never do. I told him they had used the boxes. They were filled then emptied and were not left behind. He did not care. He also told me I was charged $210.00 for bubble wrap, $180.00 for tape and excluding the wardrobe boxes $ 255.00 for other boxes. I had a pile of all of these items and bags of packing peanuts on the floor ready for use. If I had been asked I would have pointed to my supplies which they had to move at one point out of the way. When I heard of the $210.00 for bubble wrap I asked why they had used it. I was told they use it on metal items. I was confused. It is my understanding wood is softer than metal. I noticed a wood piece of furniture had been damaged. I showed the contact. He said I dont know if the company will cover this.

Both days all of the trash was collected and left behind. The first day I was cleaning up the empty tape and other items just to keep the house neat. After the movers were done one man was sent around to collect all of their trash. It was taken outside to their truck. I watched as the driver picked all of it up and placed it in my parking spot. The next day at the end all the tape and trash was collected again. It was placed in the corner of my garage. Water bottles were also left on the ground. Each day at the point of pickup there was at least one bottle filled with what looked to be urine, left in the vicinity of the parked moving truck. Very shady.

The second day, I was told by the driver his team would be at the San Jose office at 7: AM and at the Los Altos location at 8: AM. They arrived at 8:20. He wanted me to sign a contract for a minimum of three hours. I informed him I had already called his office and left a message with my cell number I did not think it was fair to have a minimum charge for a job he said he could have competed had he had the six movers. He told me they would not start to move until the contract was signed. I called the office again and first talked to a lady called Mia. She could not help me and told me she would give the message to her supervisor. One hour later at 9:20 the movers had the balance of my furniture in the van. The driver told me they have stopped working and would not start until the contract was signed. I called his office again. After 27 minutes on the phone with different people I was given to Linda. She told me it was a new contract and she had no authorization to change the minimum. I reminded her I was to have six movers the first day and even her driver said it would have been completed. I then asked her if I signed the contract would they prorate the minimum and adjust including the packing material from the first day. Linda said yes. I was charged $45.00 for the movers who did not work for the time I was on the phone with their office. I still have never been able to speak with a manager or supervisor.

In addition to the first day of 10.5 hours was a second day of 3.5 hours. The result was fourteen hours total of a very slow move. With six movers the loading should have been three to four hours maximum; instead it dragged on through the night. At the Cupertino house only the furniture was loaded into the house. All other boxes and miscellaneous items went straight into the garage. It should have been fast. It took three very slow hours. I was also charge a fuel charge of $89.68 on the first day and I do not know on the second. In my haste to get back to the Los Altos address to meet the house cleaners I did not get a copy of the second day bill. One was not left with my wife. I can confirm the total amount with my bank statement. The email sent to me had this - This price includes: Fuel, mileage, tax and tolls. The move is eight miles. It took them "20" minutes, I timed it at 18 minutes but with everything else that had happened I just wanted to be done and let it go.

The charge of $2, 250.85 was $1, 356.68 over what I had expected to pay. I was shocked. Below is my estimate of what I thought the total move should have cost me, with six movers at $145.00 per hour, working 5.5 hours plus travel time.

Loading $580.00


Travel $96.67

Total $894.17

Had I known the estimated charged I would have cancelled the move with them and used another company. There were a lot of extras not detailed in the original quote. I was charged for items that were supposed to be included in the hourly price. And I felt that the company was not truthful up front nor were they very responsive with my concerns. I have since tried to contact the company multiple times (7-7-08 & 7-8-08) and no one has gotten back to me. I called again today (7-9-08) and talked to Mia. She told me her supervisor would call me back on my cell. I still have not been able to speak with anyone in charge.

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  • Sa
      16th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree, these guys also ripped me off and the same thing has also happened with me. This is a trick they are applying to rip off people. I have also registered my complaint here and in Yelp. I would suggest to post your complaint in Yelp and other review sites also so that we can save other people from a victim of these rip off artists.


  • Ah
      10th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    They are among many of the moving company scams in the bay area ie.. R1 Moving and storage.. we are moving relocations, champion movers, better way to move stevens moving and storage. Many of them are related in some way and keep scamming people. They will deny they are related. Yet the address' is the same and when you call to leave a message the company they claimed to not be associated with is the business name left on their outgoing message. Contact the CA PUC because excessive charge of tape and packing materials is illegal. If the bill has to be changed, a new one must be signed. I'd also contact the Ca Atty General and the Local FBI.

    a helpful fellow victim

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