[Resolved] asadabout my telivon

I am writing to complaint about the way I have been treated.what this is I bought a televion from you late noveber early December 2014 and it just stopet working for no reson and because I lost the recite you are saying you cant do nothing about this I haven't had the teley long .this is wrong I have just lost my faith in asda and wastied my money .I what something done about this if not I will being going to see some one frome the legal side this is so wrong it is as if you don't give a dame as long as you are selling.

  • Resolution statement

    I have spoken to them 3 times now and thay keep parming me off saying because I have lost my receite thay cant do anything about it.i think that is totly wrong .I was good enough to spend my money at asad in Llandudno .I really don't think this is good I have no teley now and thay are not helping.i am so sorry for ask you to help I don't no what more esl to do.

Feb 02, 2015

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