Artistic Transfer, LLC / "patented" image capture system claimed by owner/founder lillian francis powell

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Lillian francis powell advertises on website that she is the "owner" and "founder" and "president and director of operations" of artistic transfer, llc and the company owns "patented" image capture technology ans publishes a link to Html that states

"why I have selected patented studio technology for image capture with hazzelblad multi-shot cameras and a patented processed signal for reproduction output."

The u.S. Patent office states there is no record of any patent or pending patent application involving the "image capture" system advertised by lillian francis moore, and

Texas public records indicate lillian francis powell is under the age of 25, has no professional experience with "image capture" technology, and has formed at least 3 companies in the past 18 months including

1. Artistic transfer, llc
2. Enlightened digital media, llc
3. Da vinci defense, llc

Most disturbing, the "patented" image capture system promoted by lillian francis powell is the subject of several court actions in washoe county, nevada and dallas county, texas involving three convicted felons who have served time in prison for crimes including fraud, grand theft, rape, child molestation, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping for ransom, attempted kidnapping, and weapons charges.

Jan 28, 2019

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