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1 Phetchaburi, Thailand Review updated:

Madam/Sir, I have read the article "BR Language School, Phetchaburi", which appeared this morning. I write in the interests of the credibility of your fine publication.
I work for the same school. I am aware that the gentleman who wrote this article signed a two year contract which specifically states that if you leave before the end of the contract you will forfeit the BT20, 000 escrow. Whatever the cons of an escrow system (and most advice is, rightly, to avoid them) the fact remains that he knew what the score was. If he failed to read and understand the contract then any criticism rests at his door.
BR is not perfect. This is not UK. But his complaint is emotional and not based in fact.
To leave this article without question would, I believe, risk damage to your reputation.

Yours sincerely
Adrian Long

Mar 23, 2014
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      23rd of Mar, 2014

    In my defence regarding the above response:

    1) When I signed up with this teaching agency I always believed the deposit would be given back to me after completing one year's teaching (regardless if I continued working for them). Please understand, I know of no other agency/ school in Thailand who deducts money from a teacher as a 'deposit' when you begin working for them. I sincerely, and now it looks naively, believed the deposit would be returned to me after finishing teaching in the first year; that it was the agency's way of ensuring teachers' complete a full year of teaching for the assigned school(s) and that if you leave before the end of the school semester the agency will retain the deposit (which I would have no problems with). To emphasise, I completed teaching at my assigned schools until the end of the sch year.

    2) I have never been given a copy of my contract. I have asked repeatedly for it, yet they will not give me a copy.

    3) When I began working for this agency they told me October (which is a sch. holiday in T'land) would be unpaid, which I accepted. However, I was not told the duration of being out of work during this period would in fact be 6 weeks (starting from 16 September until the first week in November). In fact, I worked at my school for free between 16 Sept until 30 Sept as they needed me (my agency not paying me for those two weeks).

    4) As I've said before, this agency deducts a percentage of your salary every month for tax (no other agency does this- they give you your full stated monthly salary!).

    5) There are no excuses not to answer the phone, respond to sms' or e-mails. I think it's very unfair when employees can not contact their employer.

    To conclude, all I advise is potential teachers are better off applying to schools directly: you'll receive a guaranteed monthly salary (no deductions!); sick days and schools holidays will be paid for; usually the school will pay you 12 months of the year (unlike agencies which usually only pay for 9, at most 10, months of the year); and you won't have any communication issues either.

    This may only be 'Thailand' but you can get much better working conditions by avoiding agencies like these and working directly with the schools.

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