Arthur Murray Dance studios - Ann ArborTook my money, never provided services

When I signed up at this Arthur Murray studio, in Ann Arbor, I was assured by Tansy, the smooth-talking manager, that she understood the nature of my job as a consultant, that I could be transferred at any time, and that I was coming to Arthur Murray because they have a reputation for being able to transfer your lessons and continue your program anywhere you go. Tansy assured me that this was the case. That transferring my lessons should be no problem. Twice I have tried to have this woman transfer my lessons once to a studio which is affiliated with Arthur Murray though not actually an Arthur Murray studio, because the nearest Arthur Murray to my home would have been 45 minutes away and very inconvenient. Tansy is now telling me that my contract expired in May and she is no longer required to transfer these lessons.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Ann Arbor, MII began taking lessons in June at a studio in Pittsburgh and they attempted to have the lessons transferred at that time. Tansy refused, citing this clause that no one else seems to enforce. Considering that this is the SECOND time I have tried to have my lessons transferred and that it was barely a month since the supposed expiration date, I find it ridiculous that Tansy refuses to honor the spirit of the contract. In addition, I have paid over $800 for services I have never received. Her answer? That she would be glad to honor them at her studio in Ann Arbor. I live near Wilmington and am currently working as a contractor in Pittsburgh. I find her "solution" preposterous and it is obvious that she knows it is no solution at all. She is merely attempting to keep money that she doesn't deserve in her studio's hands.


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