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Arteis Inc. / / Product issues, false qualifications

1 United States

None of the logo designs come close to the level of your examples on their home page or in the sign up questioning. It is extremely misrepresentative of the product delivered.

It seems as if someone came in and developed a business model and turned the business over to a high school art class. The work is uninspired and too clip-arty. I am not an artist but many of these I could have done with MS power point and its standard fonts.
I doubt very much that any design put forward to me would be included in their examples. The work is amateurish and unprofessional.

Any progression percentage increments were based on you wearing my expectations down and not on any real progress. Please keep your logos and provide me with a complete refund.

When receiving the first logo concepts, I was disappointed. Then I read their directions for reviewing them... which was something like 'don't focus on the logo but rather the concept...'. So that gave me some hope that it would progress. But after only my second round of comments, I got a call saying that I get revisions but not new designs. The 'revisions' coming back were minor tweaks not revisions. This greatly deviates from their direction to not focus on the logo but the concept. So given their direction at the first round, it is very deceiving relative to their guarantee.

And, as stated in my original complaint, the ONLY reason for incrementing the level of completion was not due to them getting better, but them lowering my expectations.

They even demonstrated their lack of marketing skills by violating one of the principles when dealing with food.

This is unacceptable. My campaign on this has only begun. I suggest they reconsider.


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