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I discovered that I had no service on my main phone line back in Oct. 2016 because they had "inadvertently" switched the port. I also have a second line which is a fax-dedicated line. They came and switched the port to the correct one for my main line, but apparently never did switch the fax line. I don't fax often, but when I realized I had about five or six faxes which had never been received, I picked up the handset and there was no dial tone. Turns out, from the tech who came yesterday, that when they put my main phone on the correct port, they forgot about the second line, so it has been without service for six months. They are only willing to give me a partial credit. In addition, I had FIOS in a previous apartment and then moved here. Therefore, I have had their service for over two and a half years. I am being told they put me on a new contract when I moved ( which they had no right to do) and I am stuck with them till September. NOT gonna' happen. They get you coming and going. Service stinks, and they are definitely engaging in criminal billing practices.

Apr 29, 2017

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