art institute of N.Hollywood, CA / failure to comply with V.A. student regulations

1 5250 Lankershim Blvd, N. Hollywood, CA 91601, Hollywood, United States
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Phone: 818 299-5229

I am a current student at the Art Institute of Hollywood, Ca. As a veteran, my rights and mandatory requirement of attending a full time curriculum are constantly being denied by the department of Fashion Design. This is the 3rd time I have preregistered for the mandatory 4 classes and the director (Lex Sanderson) continues to takes 2 classes away from me without my consent or without notifying me. The Director of Fashion will not allow me to comply with V.A. directives to enroll for a full time schedule. This is also in direct violation with the financial department of the school itself. I continue to get notices that I have not complied with financial regulations and Ms. Sanderson continues to deny my right to enroll full time. The department of fashion also placed an unauthorized and totally illegal hold on me 2 quarters ago. I reported this to administrative office and she was promptly notified she had no authority to so. The hold was then taken of me. I have reported this action to the VA Department of Education and matters are being handled to prevent future veterans from being taken advantage of. On behalf of other veterans who are currently being denied their rights, we hope you can further assist us in resolving these matters.

Jun 1, 2015

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