Arrington XRP CapitalAvoid at all costs

Is there anyone who has already worked with Arrington XRP Capital?
I honestly have some doubts regarding them judging by some factors.
On the one hand, all of the partners and advisors are real people (googled them), but why the heck can't I contact anyone?
On the other hand, there's one suspicious sign that made me think these guys are scammers.
Does Heather Harde (one of your partners) know that her photo has the worst resolution ever? Is she aware of being your partner or you just downloaded this terrible photo of her and thought it would be fine??
Because if she's your partner, couldn't she just provide a normal photograph, huh? It's just ridiculous! You didn't even add your own logo on all of the pages and just typed your company name! Oh wow what a serious approach! Hilarious!
Oh and of course, there's no adequate way to contact your company. I don't need your twitter profile, I want your phone number and where your mickey mouse organisation is located! Stop fooling people!

Nov 07, 2018

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