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Arrington Estates Rental Community, L&W Management / Lousy Rental Managment

1 Henderson, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 501-318-4084, 731-989-1996

I have serious issues with Lynn Foster and the maintenance man over Arrington Estates, managed by L & W Management. Ms. Foster and the maintenance man are constantly harassing residents of Arrington Estates, and now employers of residents. The most recent issue includes my place of employment being called. I park my work vehicle on the road for 3-4 hours at a time while home. I have spoke with the local police and they said it was perfectly legal and fine to park there. It does not block access to any residence and it is not on Arrington Estates property. It is on a PUBLIC road. After the maintenance man called the police and they told him he couldn’t have it removed because it was fine being there, he proceeded to call to have it towed. After finding out he couldn’t have it towed unless the cops told him to because it was on a public street, he proceeded with calling my place of employment to cause problems. As long as any vehicle is on public property, it is not the responsibility or business of Arrington Estates or L&W Management to be concerned about where it is. Arrington Estates and L&W Management do not own the public road and should not be causing problems with my job. Again, the vehicle was legally parked on a public road and has been given the okay by local police to park there.
This is not the only form of harassment from both Lynn Foster and the maintenance man of Arrington Estates. There have been numerous letters stuck in the door, one of which tells me that our lease will not be renewed and another of which states that children should ride their bikes in the road, not the yards. That suggestion alone is a huge liability issue. There have been two page long complaint sessions addressed to all residents that are very rude in tone and add restriction not found in original lease contract.
It is no wonder so many residents are moving out of this rental community.


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