Arnold Palmer InvitationalBans Disabled People

Ray Easler the G.M. of Arnold Palmers Bay Hill Club Bans Disabled People, and doesent Lke Them and taunts Them with Phone Calls, Last Year I paid $150.00 for a week long pass to the Arnold Palmer Invitational I am a Disabled American and have been since 1994, Ray Easler singled me out and I was harrassed and treated badly and I was shocked to be ask by Police to come with them there were Throusands of people watching as I was escorted by apx 5 or 6 Police and about 5 0r 6 of Ray Easler Staff under his say so. I was held for over an Hour and Questioned in a trailer in the back of the Golf Club and I did Nothing Wrong I had paid for my Ticket I wasent bothing any one and not doing any thing that any one else was . I was there to enjoy Golf and meet my Heros, Im sure Mr Arnold palmer would not like that his G.M.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Orlando, FLRay Easler would treat a disabled person in this way ? as Mr Arnold Palmer is a Class Act and a Great man on the other hand Ray Easler is a bum and treats disabled people very badly and needs to refund My $150.00 and needs training as how to Deal with Disabled People, so I was tresspassed For No reason in 2008 and no refund and embrrassed in the view of thousands of people $150.00 is alot of money for a disabled Person !!! So forget about it untill this Year on 3/23/09 I get a Phone call from some one Named" Ray " a Year Later he wouldent Give me his Last name but had ask if i would be attentending the Arnold Palmer Golf Club ? I Said No as I was Treated So bad last year and He Said Good becouse you are not Welcome, I could Think that a G.M. of such a Place would call a Disabled person and Taunt Him Like that The Number was A Bay hill number as I called the police to Check that, I Think Ray Easler owes me my money Back and a public apology, And im sure Mr Arnold Palmer would not be happy with his G.M. actions as he has crushed a dream of a Disabled peron By not being Able to meet His Heros in life, If you want more info or want to do a story Please contact me, Eric [protected]@hotmail

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