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This place was noisy, horrible management, roaches that took almost 3 months to get rid of when we moved in... And when we moved out, they ripped us off on the deposit adding everything from painting labor, painting materials, and even nail removal fees (even though it was signed off as OK on inspection when we left)

Rent elsewhere!!


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      Oct 19, 2011
    Arnel Properties - Horrible place to live
    Arnel Properties
    1000 south coast dr
    United States

    Beware this place looks pretty good from the outside the prices are great for the apartment size and location (Next to south coast plaza) . As soon as your in the lease everything starts to come out, first management is never constant (There were 3 different managers in the 1 horrible yr i lived there) , the maintenance guys are nice, but slow especially when your toilet over flows it took 6 hrs. For someone to come out and fix it, 6 hours of running toilet water is not fun!!! Then the towing is ridiculous, i lived there and got towed twice, rude people in the community, my car got hit from the side one night and the person didn't leave a note, that cost me $700 to fix, then my roommates car got egged and when i told management to see if they could do anything the manager mary said, "well i don't know what to say maybe you have an enemy. . . But i guess i can have a security drive by your area at night. " really??? What manager says that to a tenant! Now i moved out and i was super excited to get out of this place and thinking i was gonna get at least half of my deposit back. I paid a $500 deposit so i figured i cleaned the place before i left and didn't do anything to the walls so i subtracted the normal carpet cleaning and additional cleaning so i took the benefit of the doubt and figured i would get at least $250 back. . . Well let me tell you what this cheap company says, they said i owed them $200!!! Wtf really so long story short dealing with corporate who is by far the rudest of them all, and i am still dealing with them 3 months after my move out and they finally settled to give me back my money because they illegally deducted things they shouldn't have and could not provide receipts and breaking the california law. Beware of this place unless you like being treated like trash!

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