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I bought a 2015 Certified Suburban from this dealer in August 2016. At that time I was told that it had wifi, dvd player, and extendable step also foot control to open the back gate. I was very ill at the time and took their word for it - it had none of these. They told me the car was made a couple of months shy to have these included but the sales person - Jennifer told me and my son that it had these. Also I put a down payment on the car and went to pick it up a week later - she had not ordered the mats for the car nor had she ordered the second key fob. It required yet another 100 mile trip to get these.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Ardmore, PA I had to go in for a recall but they couldn't do it because the gm site was down - I rescheduled and the electric was out in the town. While I was there they told me they checked for the tire recall and told me I was fine. Thank God I did not dispose of the letter I received about the Continental tires because the 2 rear tires are included in the recall. The two front tires are dated 2014.
Again Armen lied to me.
Thank you for listening and you may want to monitor this dealership because it definitely affected my opinion of General Motors and put me in danger (recall of the tires).
Thank you,
Dolores Peters

Feb 03, 2017

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