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Arizona Room Store / Broken Dining Room Table

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 602-268-1144

Bought the Dining Room Table March 29, 2008. After owning the table for less than 1 year, one of the legs broke ( February 2009). My wife called the Customer Satisfaction Number (above), left a message. After three days with no response, I called them and sat on hold for thirty minute. I told the Customer Service Rep exactly what was wrong with the table. They sent a Service Tech to my house and he fixed the loose seats but couldn't do anything for the leg because the Customer Service Rep reported that the leg was loose. Service Tech stated this isn't the first time that this problem has happened. They called back and stated that they don't have any legs so they have to order a whole new table. They stated that it would be here on March 15, 2009. The date came and went and my wife called them to find out the status on March 17, 2009. The Customer Service Rep told my wife that they called and told us that the table wouldn't be until they end of the month. I called the Customer Satisfaction Number back on the March 18, 2009, talked to the Assistant Manager. She gave me an excuse, I told her that my table is being held together with duct tape and glue and I have a small child that hasn't sat at the table since February for fear that the table would break again. She kept going on with the excuse so I asked to talk with her boss. She stated that she would leave him a message (10:30 AM). At 1:30 PM, not hearing from anyone I called again and was told that the Manager was out but I could talk to the Assistant Manager. I had them transfer me but got her voicemail. I left a message that her boss has not called yet and left my number. At 3:45PM I called again, asked for the Manager and was hung up on. I called back once again, I told tham I didn't want t be put on hold and I wanted to talk to the Manager. Manager was on the phone so I asked for his bosses name and phone number. I was told it was the owner and they have no number but you could email them. They stated that they email would come to Customer Service and he would get a copy. After I received all of that information, I asked for the Manager. He was still on the phone, so i received his voicemail. I left the message. As soon as I hang up, a Customer Service Rep called, she stated that they now have a new leg and they can be out next week Tuesday to fix the table. While I was talking to my wife about this, the Rep stated that they have one opening tomorrow. Would we like it? My wife being feed up with the whole issue and them said ok. Ten minutes after we hang up, the manager calls. I started with the complaints. When I pointed out the horrible service, he stated that if his Reps say they called us then they did. I also was informed that he doesn't return any phone calls before 5:00PM. When asked why your assistant didn't inform my of this, he couldn't anwser. When asked why I was hung up on, my Reps told him that they didn't do that. I asked about the leg, they get stuff being sent back from and they took it from that.

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      13th of Jan, 2011
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    Thank you for posting this, I am also very frustrated with this store and especially the customer satisfaction department and service department. Now thanks to you i know where to post the complaint, I also got the owners' (apparently there are few) address to write a complaint, I did not get a specific name of neither of them. Now I'm here frustrated reading your post and seeing the extreme similarity. Well, this is definitely the last time I have purchased anything from this store.

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      13th of Jan, 2011
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    I purchased love-seat and sofa last year. In less than a month of purchase both sofa and the love-seat started sagging in middle. I called the customer satisfaction to ask them to send a tech, the woman on line said this has happened before and they will call to arrange an appointment. Well, they did call within the week and within less than a month the inspector came in to check the pieces, said that this definitely needs to be fixed and left. I had to wait another couple of weeks for the service man to come, when he came in he was quick to start working, without even looking at the piece he opened the bottom from the wrong end and had to put it back before opening the right side. I was OK with that though, it happens, there is so many kind of sofas I can understand it. When he took the bottom off I could immediately see where the problem lies, the sofa needed new core foam. Well he did not agree with me and put a thin piece of foam and gave me an explanation about "simple physics" as if I was an idiot. Anyway, I let him finish the work, he also added a second piece in the middle of the sofa, just for added security. Few days after that the sofa started sagging on the sides towards the middle, the middle part was solid and firm. I called again, I explained what has happened and they need to send the service guy back to fix the sofa, the love seat was OK (for now). They made the appointment right away with me, he was to come next week. Great! That was quick. The inspector showed up, late, did his measurement and took a photo, without explaining anything left. Week after that my husband called to ask about the service appointment and found out the inspectors report said the couch was in working order and there is no need for service. My husband than asked for the actual employee not a contractor to come and check the piece. Few days after that, two employees came in and before even entering the room one noticed that the couch is most definitely wrong, they wrote their repair and confirmed what I originally suspected. This was 3 months ago and we are still waiting for the part to be shipped. I called 5-6 times since than and I keep getting the same response. We will call you when we get the piece.

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