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R Nov 15, 2017

I had a referral from my PCP to see a gastroenterology MD. Recently my insurance changed and I work very close to the Keno Hospital. I had my referral to there. It took me calling for several weeks to just confirm they had received me referral and only after I faxed it myself. I had been throwing up daily for nearly 6 months. When I scheduled my appointment I gave them my number and asked that they call me if someone canceled to get in earlier. I had nearly a 3 month wait.
When I arrived for my appointment I got there early to do paperwork as asked. I never completed any paperwork. Prior to my appointment I had all pertinent records faxed to the office. I waited over 2 hours to get called back and then waited longer for the doctor. When I saw Dr. Trowers I complained about my wait. His response was "I was lucky, some people waited longer and some people waited over six months to see him." I did not feel lucky. After finishing he told me he was going to get me scheduled for an endoscopy (he would be doing it) and then wanted to see me in 2 months. I waited over 20 minutes to check out and witnessed 2 employees verbally fighting over who had to check me out. The one who lost was very unprofessional and mad at me for inconveniencing her. I told her Dr. Trowers wanted to see me in 2 months her response was "good luck with that." I was told he was scheduled out further and I would need to call one of his assistants. Dr. Trowers had also stated that I needed to let this person know I was being scheduled for an endoscopy. When I told her she said I don't schedule those. I said ok, but he wanted me to let you know I was having this, she said you didn't hear me, I don't schedule those. I saw another person walking in the hallway and asked to speak with the office manager or someone in charge. The person stated that it was after 5pm and management usually leaves prior to 4pm. I got a business card for the manager, left messages the next day, that did not get returned and repeated calls went to a mailbox that gave me a message it was full. My persistent calling did get me a n advocate in his office who helped me.
After 2 weeks and no calls from the hospital GI lab (also unable to contact them, unanswered phone and unreturned messages) I was told they were waited for auth. from my insurance. A call to my insurance rep. informed me that no pre-auth. was required for this procedure. I called my advocate and left a message. While I never heard back from her, I did get a call that afternoon from the GI lab who could get me in on Thursday 9/28 or I would have to wait until Nov. (this was on a Tuesday). As uncomfortable as I was I took the appointment.
I received prep calls from an RN. I showed up early as directed from my appointment. The clerical staff told me I needed to pay over $900, which I did. In her office I pulled a bottle of water and put a teaspoon of water in my mouth to wet my mouth and spit it out. She immediately told me they were not going to be able to do my procedure because I had drank water. I thought this was an odd decision for a non-clinical person to make and requested to speak with the MD or a clinical person. I never did until 3 hours later. The clerical person came back and said fortunate for me they would get me in 2 hours later, I still insisted on speaking to a clinical person as my stomach had not see the water that was in my mouth but my words went unheard.
Several hours after my scheduled procedure I was taken back and the procedure was done.
Afterward Dr. Trower stated he needed to speak with me and my wife immediately. We were taken to a room and told I HAD esophageal cancer or precancerous cells. I needed to see him in a month, was prescribed increased proton pump inhibitors and told that official pathology would be available in 5 days but "no news was good news" and I would see him in a month. Over a week went by and I had heard nothing. My previous experience with all of this health care organization had left me less that confident in them. Calls to Dr. Trowers office and my contact person there who had previously helped me went unreturned. attempted to contact medical records and get my pathology reports. Calls to medical record' went unreturned. Calling an operator and asked to speak to a human in that department meant being placed on hold for a long time and then being disconnected. I finally insisted when speaking to an operator to speak with a patient care advocate. this person informed me that a I could not get my medical records not even through a portal. She said it was a perfect storm and that they were changing computer systems. In the meantime I cannot sleep at night, I have a 6 and 7 year old children at home who need their daddy for a long time. The person stated I should contact Dr. Trowers office for this information. She attempted to call them as well. She called me back and told me she also was unable to speak to someone there. But she would keep trying.
Two days latter I was contacted by Jeff at Dr. Trowers who said all of the pathology was negative. I asked him to send them the pathology, I have yet to receive it. I asked why in the preliminary report (that I have with the pictures) Dr. Trowers states I Have precancerous IE Barrett's esophagus. He was to speak with Dr. Trowers and get back to me as well as set my next appointment, that was over a month ago and I have yet to hear back.
I feel I need to re-due this whole process with a more competent health care system. I have no confidence in any of the services I received. And what about the bright salmon colored tissue Dr. Trowers saw and showed me pictures of that he was sure was Barrett's?
After sharing my experience with my PCP he wants me to repeat somewhere else. I need to wait until I can afford it again.
On tome of everything yesterday I received a bill from Banner University Medical Center and they do not show that I paid the $900 plus and want another $456.08. Good thing I have my receipt from 09/28/2017

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