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Seller had advertised a vehicle on eBay. I made a bid on the vehicle and was out bid. I was then contacted a couple days later from the seller stating that the winner of the auction was a dead beat and that if I wanted the vehicle that I could have it at the price I offered.

After my experience, I do believe there was another buyer before me - but I believe he turned the vehicle down because of the shape the vehicle was in.

In either case, I was a little skeptical, but contacted the seller and was assured that the vehicle was is good condition.

Being from Chicago, I offered to send a deposit and fly down to look at the vehicle, but the seller offered to ship the vehicle at an extremely low cost, but at the time, the seller sounded like a good honest guy and again assured me that the vehicle was in good working order.

I was faxed paperwork and returned it to the seller and was told I'd have the vehicle within a week. The vehicle didn't show up for 2 weeks, and on top of that, the vehicle had an extremely hard time starting from the get go, right off the flatbed.

2 weeks later I was on my way home with my wife in the car and the steering shaft snapped while we were driving, I could not control the vehicle, luckily I was able to slow the vehicle down and avoid any accidents - had to have towed to a shop and they advised the truck needed a new steering box $700.00 parts and labor.

Now being mechanically inclined and still at this point trusting the seller of the vehicle, I decided that the weather and change of climate may have something to do with the vehicles inability to start right away. I finally got it fired up took her home and started my research.

I found that the problem could be either bad glow plugs or a glow plug relay, both of which could possibly go un-noticed in the heat of Arizona.

After replacing both and having no luck, I brought it to a shop, they proceeded to change the cam-position sensor, do an oil change, check the fuel filter among other things and could not figure out why the truck would not start easily. I drove it home, I then proceeded to take it to another shop after it sitting there for two weeks and countless diagnostics being done, I was told they needed to remove the heads from the truck to inspect the valves, a $2, 300.00 dollar expense.

Upon pulling the heads, the shop explained that not only were every intake and exhaust valve in the heads damaged beyond repair, but the number 6 piston was cracked and both the number 4 and 6 cylinders were scored beyond repair, a new long block was recommended at a price of $6, 700.00.

Now at this point it had been a couple months since I took delivery, but I tried to contact the seller with no success, I left countless emails with no response. I was now out of a vehicle and needed it fixed.

The shop did a great job and gave me a fair price, I contacted the BBB of Arizona to file a complaint, they accepted my complaint but again the seller would not respond to the BBB or myself, the BBB has noted my complaint and adjusted the company's rating accordingly.

I then filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office, again they accepted my complaint and again ended up waiting more then a month for a response from the seller.

And when the response was given it was simply - "used vehicle, sold as-is"

I understand that the vehicle was used, but I was assured that the vehicle was in good working condition which it was not. I also have documentation from the repair shop, and a signed letter explaining the damage in detail and in the opinion of a ASE certified technician this vehicle suffered these damages long before I took ownership. In his words - "the amount of damage and carbon build-up in those two cylinders could not have been caused by the 1000 miles that I put on the vehicle since taking delivery."

In closing - I would just like to steer anyone away from doing any business with this company, they are a horrible example of a car dealership and unfortunately are the reason why smaller used car lots get the reputation they do.

Arizona Car and Truck Sales - Buyer Beware.


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      29th of Nov, 2012

    Sorry you went through that, I almost purchased a vehicle here. This is my story,

    I went to look at a Dodge Diesel these guys had listed online. In the pics it looked kind of worth the $1k over price. When I got there the truck bed was beat to hell, interior was missing pieces and the steering wheel while driving was at a 3oclock position with brakes grinding. I asked if they fixed the steering alignment and brakes I would purchase the vehicle, the manager over heard this and told me if I wanted the truck to buy it and if they fixed it they would charge me $3k more for the truck. I walked out and bought a NICE dodge cummins from the guy just east of him for about $2, 500 less and a great CLEAN truck. avoid these over priced wrecks they call vehicles!

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