S Nov 14, 2017

An Italian asked me the way to the airport.
It was a very friendly guy and he started to ask me details over the way to the airport.
He told me he was the manager of empire Armani and was visiting some potential customers.
He was returning home and offered me his left avers for free, 6 pieces.
He just wanted to have some money to buy some presents for his wife and kid.
If I was buying just one piece for € 700, - have gave me the other 5 for free.
I didn't want to give him that much money so I said that I didn't have that much money.
So he asked me how much I had. I did him an offer and he came up with a watch if I paved 100 more.
Stupid as I was I paved him the money.
Later at home I noticed the bad quality of the clothes.
I was ripped off. Stupid, , .

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