Arihant Industries / about loan queary

Respected Sir
In context of your e-mail dated 14th aug. 2009, regarding our new loan application, we would like to state the following.

1) File no. [protected]/AM23
2) Estimeted loan amount 10 lacs
3) Office telephone no. [protected]
4) Residence telephone no. [protected]
5) Mo. No. : [protected]
7) Adress : Arihant Industries
37 - A, New Jay Bhavani Estate,
Sablpur, Junagadh. - 362037

Sir, before loggin the application, releted property papers & finance papers were chacked and Mr. Sunil Chhangani has assured us that only Title Clear Report along with ad. in daily newspaper was remained to be submitted.

Accordingly, latter on we have submitted that too. After loggin the file, we are asked for many other papers, Though we understand that T.C. Report has included them all, but unfortunately process of our loan application is seemed to be stalled.

Whatever instructions we received verbally, we have acted accordingly and submitted the necessary documents. They are lying with our application file. Eventhough
we are prepared to submitt any concerned documents of this genuine property, but we seek your precise guidance in the matter and your overall positive approch.

Pls. note that we are your old customer and we have already repaid your four to five loans without a single irregularity in your E.M.I. Sir you can check our previous records

We are not geting proper response this time from your Ahmedabad branch and Rajkot branch. We are unable to understand the reason behind this. We expect a rational response in this regards.

Thanking You.

Truely Yours
Arihant Industries

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