[Resolved] Ariel Diamonds 4everDeceit, not refunding, terrible service, poor quality product

I went with my wife todesign a gold bracelet with 4 diamonds and 3 sapphire stones. He said no problem, will take 3-4 days. I had to chase him for weeks, he often wouldn't return sms and then kept giving excuses that he wants it to be perfect that's why it's taking time. After over a month and a half of chasing him we finally got the bracelet, and within a couple days it broke apart as my wife picked up our baby. I called him (Shachar ) about it and he said he would fix it within a few days. Once again we had to chas him for weeks then he returned a bracelet that was such poor quality and melted in wrong areas, just no professional quality to it at all. I told him it was unacceptable he said he would redo it, and after weeks again he had the nerve to tell me that to strengthen the bracelet he needs another 5 grams of gold which means another 1000 shekels . I said no and he agreed to reimburse my payment of 2, 900 shekels. He never did, I had to chase him still, and threaten him with a lawsuit and informing others via social media. That's where we are today, currently he is holding my money and the bracelet . A real crook, I suggest you stay away !!!

  • Resolution statement

    I am happy to state that the owner of Ariel Diamonds 4ever invited me in to settle our differences. In our meeting the owner responded by acting responsibly and we resolved our issues. He made true efforts to understand my previous frustrations, and responded accordingly. I came out of that meeting with a sense of trust and goodwill on his part that would lead me to buy from them again.

Jan 20, 2015

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