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Argos / Misleading of the company

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I am writing to report some very underhand behavior by the store Argos. I saw an offer on the Argos website for a new phone -the Orange Sony Ericsson W810i, I then went to the store on the 02.07.07 to purchase it, with it I purchase a Micro SD 1Gb Memory Card (546/4029) as suggested underneath the add for my phone. When I got home and tried to insert the card I discovered it was the wrong size. I complained on the 05.07.07 that I had been mislead into buying the wrong simcard for my phone, by the internet advert on their site and the on stores quick pay kiosk which said the card was suitable for the phone. The store manager at the Cardiff Bay store said to call customer services to sort it. When I got home I tried to call it and found out that she had given me the wrong number. When i finally found the correct number I got through to a member of personnel called Dennis, who brought up the deal on the Orange sony Ericsson w810i offering "Save £5 when you buy Micro SD 1Gb Memory Card (546/4029) with Orange Sony Ericsson W810i (547/3924). To receive this offer, add both items to your trolley. Offer ends 4th July 2007." Dennis agreed that this was misleading. He put me through to a department that dealt with internet enquirers, but it was shut. I then phoned back the next day, and spoke to Karen Taylor of 'store customer services "support"' she denied all knowledge of the offer's existence, when I looked for myself I discovered that the offer had been taken off the internet! Luckily for me unluckily for Argos I had saved the page with the offer on to my desktop.

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  • Ju
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    I brought a gazebos end of april 2008. I then wanted to return because the top had snapped of. This was not under the guantee 30 days. They would not replace my item because I used it in a public area. Even When I told them the item was used in my garden when broken. They all so kept my receipt. Which they said I never left. I have no proof. any way they would not replace the item. The Woman was very bad manners to my self and even more bad manners to my husband. You must have cameras in your spalding branch of proof they kept my receipt. I dont think I will be going to the spalding branch again. Why on earth they want to keep my receipt any way.

  • Ic
      20th of Jun, 2009
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    Russel, Argos store operations and Internet sales are handled independently. The fact that you saw this offer online and reserved it in store to pick up reads to me as it was an internet only offer...Which are different from instore prices and availability.

    Promotions and sales start and end on tuesdays. It is possible that the offer you attempted to purchase had rolled over and ended at that point if you reserved/bought on that day.

  • De
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    My wife went over to the Argos store to get a DS Lite for my daughter, when my wife got home we put it on charge, after three hours it would not charge, my wife then took it back to the store and the girl told her that you have to charge it for four hours (((which is not true as a new DS is 40% charged when you buy it))) my wife then came home and charged it for another three hours and it still would not work so she took it back to the store again, again she was told that she had not charged it long enough by the same person.

    When my wife came home again with the DS I thought this was ridicules, it had now had seven hours charging and would still not work and she had been very rude to my wife with her very bad attitude, this time I took the DS back to the store but before I did I took a photo of the DS and took down the serial number, I asked to see the person that was dealing with my wife, when she came out I asked her why my wife was sent away when clearly there was a problem with the DS, she told me that my wife was not charging the DS long enough, I told her that the DS had been charged for seven hours and still it would not work. ((Can I say at this time her whole attitude towards myself was very rude and not really interested in what I was saying)).

    At this time I asked could I have my money back and she said no, I then said well can I have a replacement and again she said no and just looked at me, she then said that she would take the DS in and charge it herself and told me to come back in three hours, I said fine.

    When I went back to the store three hours later I asked to see this person, she came out with three staff with her, she came up to me and did not even look at me, she was playing the DS in front of me and after a short while she looked up at me with a smile on her face and said this is working fine, at the same time all the customers and the rest of the staff were looking at me,

    I then asked her can I have a look at the DS, she handed it to me in a very rude way,
    When I took the DS it was indeed working fine, I then took a look at the serial number and I could see straight away that this was not the same DS that I had handed in.

    When I took the serial number out of my pocket and compared it with the DS that she had given me it was not the same one, when I pointed this out to her everything changed, now all the staff and the customers were looking at her, she then said to me are you calling me a liar and I said yes I was and the proof is here for every one to see, she then seemed to get into some sort of a panic and out of the blue she said she was calling security, I said why are you calling security I am doing nothing wrong,
    It was quite obvious for everyone to see that she had to get herself out of this situation and that is why she was calling security, I then took the DS and walked out.

    Can we for a moment just move away form what was said and what was not said on the day, surely the focus must now be on the fact that this person tried to con and cheat me ((a customer)) in a way that is hard to believe, and the photo tells the whole story regardless what was said on the day.

    I have 48 people working for me and they all deal with the public, the most important part of any business, if any of them ever did something so deceitful to a customer they would be dismissed on the spot and I would be with in my rights to do so.

    Can I just say once again Mr. Downhill thank you for assistance in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Mr. Dermot Kenny, ireland

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