Area Ciruclation/NMS / fraud

1 Bloomington, MN, United States

A few years ago a company named Area Circulation called me with a great magazine deal they had to offer. I thought I was aggreing to purchase 1 subscription each of 6 different magaznines. I ended up having subscriptions for close to 15 different magazines and have been tied in a "contract" with them for almost 5 years. Within the last 18 months I started receiving phone calls from NMS. They would call themselves "your magazine service". Although I never gave NMS any personal information or agreed to extend any services, I have come to find out that all of the info I provided Area Circulation has been passed along to this NMS company. NMS has also been taking monthly payments out of my bank account. I never approved any service with NMS and certainally did not approve them to take payments from my account.
Today 4/14/10 I just received a call from some new magazine company (three initials, first one was a "P") . This company claimed to be my magazine company and they were just doing a customer service call to let me know that they have recieved complaints from other customers who have been stating that fake magazine companies have been calling them and that I should be advised that this may happen to me. Brian was the person I spoke with and he claimed it looked like I was "set for awhile" for magazines. I advised him that I have only authorized one company to send me magazines and I should now be done with that contract.

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