Arch Werks Dental, John Sahagian / Dental x-rays fraud

1 7353 Lake street, River Forest, IL, United States

On [protected], I contacted 1-800-Dentist and they found a dentist for me within my area. I had an appt. with Arch Werks John Sahagian. My appt was for an emergency temporary filling which he refused to performed instead charging me for an office visit and x-rays. I paid him $85.00 plus provided him with dental insurance. He was very insistent that I have a root canal performed by his office, which is not the reason for my visit. His bedside manner was rude and un-professional and very un-caring. I left and gave him an un-satisfactory review. I got in touch with my regular dentist, whom performed the procedure that I needed. On [protected], my dentist office asked John Sahagian for a copy of my dental x-rays and was told that it will be a $35.00 fee. Of course this is unheard of, so I called the office and was told the same thing, I asked to see the policy for this because this was not told in the beginning and this is fraudulent. The receptionist told me to come to the office so that John Sahagian would talk to me. I arrived at the office on 12-12-2015 and he refused to give me my x-rays, He was very rude, loud and saying that he did not get paid from me which was a lie because he did get paid and I have the receipt to prove it, he started screaming that I can make a complaint with the American Dental association and then he proceed to slam the door in my face. He was paid by my insurance plan which paid him $137.00 on 11-12-2015. All together he tried to fraudently bill my insurance company for 222.00, which he included the 85.00 that he charged me up front. I am very upset about the treatment that I received from him and all I am asking for a copy of my x-rays, which I am entitled to, these are my x-rays and he would not have them if I did not allow him to perform them. I felt violated from his handling my dental care and discriminated from the way he spoke to me in a very demeaning manner. John Sahagian should not be practicing dentistry; I was amazed at his behavior and certainly will not seek his services again.

Dec 12, 2015

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