Arc Labs Inc / Ultra ketone plus / ultra power cleanse trial. Unauthorized credit card charges & products not received. Unethical behaviour.

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I have been caught out by a company called Arc Labs Inc but only because the M& S card did not check why I was being charged this absurd amount of money without passing my card by with a pin number. ?? how can M&S pay this company when i have not sanctioned this? I have been charged on four ocassions... 7/8th December - £89.00 + £95.00, then 23/28th December £95.95 + £99.92 from M&S Credit Card. I only found out about it when opening my statement this evening 05.00am 13/01/2015 Apparently 2 order numbers ; 4914605 + 4914603 did arrive but without any notification of fees payable and I've noticed because they charged me four times, that 2 packages have not arrived? I was not warned of these charges and neither told to cancel these items / nothing was mentioned about a 14 day cancellation period, so here we are, with a big question to how this happened? I am cancelling my M&S card tomorrow morning so no more money comes out of this account, even though I have not sanctioned this debit from my Credit card. . It's the only thing I can think of doing after having money stolen from my account!! I filled in a free advert over the internet just before December, because Kate had these tablets to lose weight and apparently they worked for her. They have done nothing for me? I would like to return the 2 unopened packages because they have made no effect on me whatsoever. Also I have not received 2 packages. Arc have charged for 4 packages. There is NO email Correspondence. There is No INVOICE for sum charged. There are no relevant documents. My Name : Ms D Austin 34 The Wharfage Ironbridge Shropshire is my work address. tel no. [protected] / [protected] email : [protected] Please advise . many thanks

Jan 12, 2016
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  • Yo
      Jan 13, 2016

    I have been caught out the same way and am now £184.00 poorer. They have taken money set aside for my rent. Don't know what I'm going to do. My name is Mrs S. Smit from Norwich. Please can you advise me as to what I should do. Going to my bank tomorrow. I am so upset and angry

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  • Sp
      Jan 13, 2016

    Hi Mrs Smit. . . as quickly as you can GET in touch with your bank... they should help you and prevent this fraud happenning...
    I awoke this morning and realised is was better to be calm and to be positive. . . tell the truth about what has happened... Mastercard knows these people... they are scandalous terrible people and if you just sit calmly and get assistance, the banks will help you!! I called Mastercard frist thing this morning (M+S card) I was patient - give them as much info as you can... be patient, be positive ... and good luck ! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS SCANDAL !!! They will know the electronic number of the company that extracts your money. HELP OTHER PEOPLE TOO... this helps :~) I hope you sort this out :~)
    Deborah Crystal Labyrinth Shropshire.

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  • Sp
      Jan 13, 2016

    Hi again Mrs Smit, tel me how you get on . . . you'll find me on my email address or my facebook address or tap in crystals and telford and you'll get somehting on goggle..!! :~)

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  • Fi
      Feb 14, 2016

    I signed up for the "free trial" at the beginning of January and received the goods very quickly. The billing for the postage was dated 8th January, on my credit card. On Friday, 12th February, a second lot, unasked for, arrived with different order numbers and dated 8th February. On Saturday my credit card statement arrived and showed that not even a month had passed before money was taken from my account. - £89 for the cleanse and £95 for the raspberry ketone.was taken on 22nd January. The papers enclosed with goods that arrived on Friday state that refunds will not be given unless returned within 14 days. What is going on? How can they bill almost three weeks before sending the (unasked for ) goods. Surely the bank should have queried these amounts before paying out. I am retired and cannot stand to lose this money. Will contact bank as soon as possible. Ms Hickey, London .

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  • Ch
      Feb 15, 2016

    How do you cancel the card payments, do you have to contact the card company

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  • Ca
      Feb 17, 2016

    The same thing happened to me. I have tried to contact the company but no details - I have informed Barclaycard as I ordered the trial pack and received them very quickly - no further products received - but they have charged for 4 more pack at between 89 and 95£ each time. Barclaycard have put charges on hold for me and I have got to try and contact the Company - any help from anyone would be helpful. pete.[protected]

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