Arc Labs Inc / Raspberry Ketone Blast and Ultra Power Cleanse

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I also ordered these products believing I was getting a free trial. Although, in their terms, which are only at the bottom of the page, they say the customer has to agree to further products and payments, they do not make this clear before you order or provide a tick box. Fortunately I found out in time that this was a scam and contacted my bank before any money could be taken out of my account. The company are still threatening to take money out if I do not return the so called free samples, although according to their e-mails I have cancelled within their time limits. I am ignoring this. My bank has reassured me that they will return any money that goes out to this company as I have notified them in good time. It's a complete scam. Send nothing back. Will they dare to sue you?

Dec 02, 2015
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  • Jo
      Jan 11, 2016

    I ordered my "Free Trial" online on 23rd December. Got the Raspberry Ketone and Cleanse Xtrem quickly enough but then it was Christmas. Noticed on 11th January the £89.00 and £95.00 further charges on my account and immediately phoned my bank. The Arc Labs won't be able to take anymore from my account as of today. Just for peace of mind i tried to find Arc Labs online and came across their T&C's and phoned the number which was different than the two provided on the dispatch note which when dialed say "This number is currently not accepting calls" I got through on [protected] (UK) from the T&C's online. Other things to note. Dispatch note said company address was London, N13 4BS. The online T&C's i found was Northampton NN4. You guys are finding Scotland...But the common denominator is the return address for Arc Labs which is Larnica 6533, Cyprus. Anyway i got through to an Indian sounding chap called Josh (yeah right)...He was a very very slick operator indeed ! I managed to "Negotiate" a 40% refund online which means i'll only get back £30ish from each product which mean they get £50 per product per customer and you don't have to send the tablets back. ...He was all sir this and sir that and do you agree this and that...Within seconds of "agreeing" i had 4 emails from customer service saying what refund i would get and when i would get it...Seems like they are trying to dot their "i's" and cross their "T's" and their main business is not the actual tablets but securing the partial refunds "officially" so that there is no comeback for those "customers" fortunate enough to get through. There seem to be thousands of us on here at more than likely £100 a person (2 products £50 each after refund)...making a lot of money aren't they...for a refund business !...Take care out there !

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  • Lo
      Jan 13, 2016

    I have gone through the same equinox day and night serum it has cost me 198.00 when I thought I was buying trials, for the shipping price has cost me a 99.00 payment and a 93.00 gone out my bank hopefully my bank can stop future payments going out ive phoned there customer service they agreed to a 40 percent refund, there ripping people off this company needs stopping, I'm angry for being a blind fool and scammed

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