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In Dec I sent away for 30day trial pack of raspberry ketone and some other fat burner from Facebook on 4th Jan £95 was taken out my account without authorisation again on the 19th Jan £102 was taken out my bank 2days later a parcel arrived by Hermes I took it and opened the parcel wrote on the letter for return did not want them as I am a pensioner and cannot afford that kind of money and it played havoc with my direct debit for my insurance for my car and my life insurance due to this I have had to pay an extra £30 on my car in surance and a substantial amount of bank charges now on the 23 Feb £82 taken out and only left £3 in bank not even eough to feed our pay for gas and electric 26th Feb another parcel arrived I will now phone them and send the parcel back by post this time with proof of return I wish my money back for 19th Jan £102 and 23rdfeb £82

Feb 26, 2016
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      Mar 04, 2016

    Same thing happended to me, where ARC Laboritries London Inc...having been sending me the cream I didn't order, they have de frauded my bank account as the website where I simply paid for postage, neglected to mention that the trial is ongoing before debiting my account by two payments of which I was not informed. One payment was £99 the other £93, now this is a lot of money to be taken unawares and as my account was in credit they were lucky...the advertisements should in my opinion be banned.

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