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Arbor Pro / Unethical services

1 United States

My wife and I had just moved into our new Oregon home from California in November 2005. My job is very demanding and requires immediate response to phone calls at any time. On one morning while they were in the neighborhood, I asked one of Arbor Pro's workers about the cost of their services. He listed a quote of services and prices and gave it to me to sign in my back yard while I was on the phone taking care of a critical work issue. I asked the representative if signing obligated me and he said "no" and that it was just a quote. Since I was new to the area, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Several months later, I received a bill requesting to pay because I did not give them a cancellation notice. I told them that I did not commit to anything and they did not perform any services. They insisted that I was still obligated to pay. It is now December 2006 and several payment demands later. They continue to send me bills for services they did not perform. Furthermore, their tactics were unethical because Arbor Pro's representative took advantage of my circumstances when I was addressing a critical work-related phone call. He also deceived me by covering a part of the form when he presented the paperwork and lied when he said that signing the form would not obligate me financially in any way. I find it amazing that a company can be so hard up for business that they need to bully people into paying for services that they did not perform and use sneaky tactics to coerce people for money. If they were an ethical company that provided honest, quality services, they would not have to lower themselves to this level, but apparently they feel that they need to. Arbor Pro is a company analogous to the school bully that will beat up a classmate for their lunch money.


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