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Arbonne / requires social security number

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My biggest complaint is that they require Social Security Numbers to buy product as a "consultant." At home parties, people are encouraged to sign up as consultants to get 35% off the products they buy. What a deal. And nothing else is required except paying $29 to be a consultant. I'm not complaining here about the pyramid-scheme structure of the company (and please don't argue with this, because if you think that's not what's going on, you've got your head in the sand OR you're benefiting from it), nor am I complaining about the overpriced mediocre products, nor am I complaining about the fact that in order to succeed recruits have to *exploit* their familial and friend relationships (and this last point is the most morally egregious facet of the organization). I am complaining that they require people's social security numbers to sign up as a "consultant." In theory, if a consultant ever makes money (the vast majority don't...they just want to buy the products), the company by law is required to file an IRS form 1099. That's no big deal. However, the company ensures that new business owners gently COERCE their family and friends into becoming "consultants" and thereby providing social security numbers. How can a sister/daughter/mother say no to her family member's efforts to begin a new business? The crux of the matter is that Arbonne has set up a company that exploits family and friends to benefit people up the chain of command. It's disgusting and immoral. But what really irks me is that they require social security numbers, which put people at risk for identity theft FOR NO GOOD REASON. Arbonne could easily restructure the program so that SSN are not needed to keep the business going.


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  31st of Aug, 2009
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The consultant sign up is $109 NOT $29, this is preferred client price. Get it right.
  1st of Oct, 2009
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I agree about the SSN and an MLM is a nice way of sugar coating a pyramid scheme. They call the $29 a Preferred client price and consultants will TELL you it is just to get the discount, however if you read the print, you are signing yourself into the clan. Please not #4 on your Preferred Client/Consultant Application and Agreegment..."If I fail to annually renew my Arbonne business, or if it is canceled or terminated for any reason, I will permanently lose all rights as an Arbonne Independent Consultant." Everything is grouped together. The difference with the higher fee is that you get an extra 15% discount to put toward your profit.
  23rd of Feb, 2010
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Actually you are only required to provide the last 4 digits of your SSN or SIN as it is called in Canada here. I don't think anyone can do anything nefarious with just the last 4 digits and you can just put down any old 4 dig. it doesn't even have to be your SSN, as long as you remember what 4 dig they are.
  4th of Apr, 2010
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You go gals...Lynne and bgoat17 you don't have a clue...like Amber said - get it right! Thanks gals who are actually in the know...calm down everyone else...and stop being so paranoid... this is a reputable company of 30 years...send in some claims of stealing someones identity via Arbonne...

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