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im a resident of saudi arabia
this company arabian auto agency has one worker named abdul rasheed chaudhry from pakistan
works in riyadh branch olaya road
it has been checked that he has crossed his age limit of service as he is now 67yrs of age.
this information is recieved from his hospital reports.
i have a complaint that if they keep workers even after thier retirement age then how will they give jobs to the new comers
just because of this person, one of my friend did not get the job as an accountant there in arabian auto agency
i was so pissed of that i had to make a complaint against him
the company either should fire him and donot renew his iqama(residence permit)
or the government should take strict action againgst such companys
please take my request in consideration
thank you

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  • Se
      Dec 21, 2008

    can anyone please tell me that how does this complaint board works...
    i mean if i submit a complaint then what is the use of it...or what will be the results...
    thank you to the one who answers my query

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  • He
      Feb 17, 2009

    I dont know who are you, but its non of your buisness to keep on work or not, if your friend is not geting job in this company in accounts department it means your friend is not capeble to work in that company it means your friend doesnt know how to work and one more thing if you were muslim and you haing iman faith on ALLAH than rizk from ALLAh not from any humanbeing so stop complainng against that 67 age man you dont know how may family members they are depend on his salary
    i guess you and your friend want kick from govt of ksa coz you ppls are useless and harmful for company and country as well

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