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Since November, 2015 I have had my BCD (a.k.a. BC) for Scuba Diving at an authorized retailer awaiting warranty replacement. I am due to receive a pro-rated replacement as the leak was determind by 2 authorized technicians to have a seam leak on the inner bladder- a manufacturer defect The BCD is within the 2-5 year and in very good shape category, which is entitled to 75% pro-rated replacement as per their own terms of warranty on their website and in the printed materials it came with.

It is now the end of February and their representative from Central America, Miguel de las Casas, approved the case in November and then disappeared completely, not even answering headquarters attempts to contact him.

Then I was put in touch with Misti Brown at headquarters who told me I was entitled to 50% pro-rated replacement. I pointed out that it was incorrect and she said she would need pictures and to see the item destroyed.

I received the BCD back from the authorized retailer (mundo acuatico) two days ago in the exact same condition in which it was sent nearly 4 months ago. This is a life support device for Scuba Diving.

I refuse to accept less than to what I am entitled, which is 75% off a new BCD. Misti is claiming I am a professional and therefore only entitled to a 1-year warranty, but said she'll break the rules to give me 50% off to make her seem like the good guy. However, there is no evidence of this in printed or website warranty information. I am not a "commercial diver", which is someone who works on underwater projets (building pipelines, oil rigs, etc.). I am a Divemaster. Yes, the BCD has only been used for less than 100 dives as I was pregnant and then we moved, so the tags didn't come off until September, 2013, when my daughter was 11 months old.

I understand the economy is bad in the USA, but I have a contract with them from when I purchased the overpriced item (only willing to pay the price because of the "lifetime" warranty). No professional would ever buy their products if the warranty for being professional (and therefore taking BETTER care of their gear) was only 1 year. They have the most expensive BCDs out there- $700 for the i3 system I require because of a physical limitation.

Feb 27, 2016

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