Aqeel Abbas / change of route kul-khi-kul

1 W.P. PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia

Hi Morning
As I had booked the ticket with PIA for Karachi reservation code QULYSH because of in the Holy Month of Ramzan it is flying early morning from Kuala Lumpur and reach Karachi Early morning so it want effect the Holy Month of Ramzan fasting.
Yesterday I had received call saying that this flight route has been changed to Via Peshawar. As I had booked cause straight going Karachi which won't effect my Fasting. I had requested them you can go Karachi and drop the Passengers of Karachi first than go Peshawar. But they said it's changed from management if management can't maintain the customer's and their facilities so I would like to suggest better out source this Airline to some of other airlines which are good and their first prefrence is customer satisfaction and facilities them.

Kinky look into this flight is going tomorrow Early morning 17th of June. You can re- route but don't chear other passengers at the time of bookings saying that flight is straight going Karachi or any where else. The PIA is saying lot after changing this route in terms of Taxes at KL parking chargers but for customer no refund or any incentives of this decision which has been made.

Jun 14, 2017

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