APS (Arizona Public Service) / solar connection

Phoenix, AZ, United States
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In January 2017 we contracted for the installation of solar panels and the connection of the new system to Arizona Public Service. The installation was completed in April 2017 at which time we paid the balance of the $25, 000 installation costs as required by the contract. We are currently making payments on the loan for the system as well as making full payment for electric services from APS. To date, the system is still not on line with APS due to continued changing of requirements by APS.
The entire project has been problematic, but we will not detail that history here. We will state that we have been responsive and accommodating in resolving several issues which have arisen, none of which were of our making. The issue now is that, APS is demanding that our electric meter be moved to the front of the house or that a gate be removed exposing the entire side of our house to the street. We have already moved the gate once to accommodate an APS demand. At that time, the moving of the meter was not raised by APS. The meter has been behind the unlocked gate for the 16 years we have lived in this house. Inspection of the neighborhood shows no other utility meters visible from the street. We understand that the utility has the final say as to connecting the system. However, their changing requirements have reached the point of seeming punitive and obstructionist.

Jun 25, 2017

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