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Apropos Auctions / none!!! Amazing company!

1 7514 girard avenue #1-515, La Jolla, CA, United States Review updated:

AproposAuctions, LLC
7514 Girard Ave #1-515
La Jolla, CA 92037

This company utilizes the eBay platform to reach customers worldwide. They specialize in both rare collectibles and also
have contracts with companies to provide new overstock merchandise at amazingly low prices.

AproposAuctions, LLC was founded in 2003 by Brent Dupay and Benjamin Anderson. Both had several years of previous experience
in the vintage magazine field and used their connections to provide rare magazines to their clients. They immediately
developed a strong customer base and developed long term repoir with their clients. Their commitment to customer service
and fast shipping made them a favorite on eBay.

After dominating the magazine market, AproposAuctions, LLC began to expand in 2005. They developed close relationships
with companies who sold overstock merchandise for about 10-12% on the retail dollar. They have been a wonderful source for
consumers who were looking to buy anything from a DVD set to sporting goods that were brand new for a fraction of the
original cost.

In 2007, they found a new niche for selling additional vintage paper materials. Their vintage ad prints dating anywhere
from 30-100 years old have been selling like hot cakes. In 2007, AproposAuctions, LLC was glad to have Meir Waknine join
as an executive director. His commitment to excellance has helped the company cultivate a higher percentage of repeat

Customer service is a top priority for ApropoAuctions, LLC. Without customers, the business would fail. The goal is 100%
customer satisfaction. Orders are processed as quickly as possible. Every email is answered promptly and courteously. All
problems are resolved with either a refund, replacement, or store credit. Combined shipping is available on all orders to
help save the customer costs.

The good reputation of this business has transalated into a solid monthly sales volume. On average, AproposAuctions, LLC
has anywhere from 800-1500 sales a month with over 99% customer satisfaction!

One of the biggest concerns, when transacting online, is buyer safety. Ebay and Paypal tend to have lax security which
enables frauds and scam artists from Nigeria to "phish" for private information. These "phishing" attacks are generally
done post auction by criminals in Nigeria. They will email the customer and try to trick them into sending payments to
Nigeria. If you receive an email such as this, you will need to inform ebay right away so they can help law enforcement
track down these scammers. There are also several police and FBI contacts you could file with as well.

AproposAuctions, LLC also does not use or recommend using Paypal to anyone. Paypal is ripe for fraud. From a buyer's
prospective, you could be at risk to have your personal banking information intercepted due to lax security. Nigerian
"phishers" are constantly harvesting information from Paypal's website. Paypal also does not allow the buyer the right to
chargeback a purchase if it is misrepresented or not delivered. Paypal has also allowed unscrupulous sellers to get away
with sending honest buyers a brick in the mail with a tracking number. Paypal relies nearly 100% on a tracking number for
proof in their claims. Therefore, scamsters find it very easy to use this tactic to defraud users. Buyers have also
complained that they were a victim of "double dipping". In otherwords, Paypal has a habit of double charging people and
then making it nearly impossible to get your money back. There are several other pitfalls to dealing with Paypal as a
buyer. If you go to the google search engine and click the word "paypal", you will be shocked at the horror stories you
will read.

The online auction web site was founded in San Jose, California on September 3, 1995 by computer programmer Pierre Omidyar
as AuctionWeb, part of a larger personal site that included, among other things, Omidyar's own tongue-in-cheek tribute
to the Ebola virus. The very first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer for $14.83. Astonished, Omidyar contacted
the winning bidder and asked if he understood that the laser pointer was broken. In his responding email, the buyer
explained: "I'm a collector of broken laser pointers." The frequently repeated story that eBay was founded to help
Omidyar's fiancÈe trade PEZ Candy dispensers was fabricated by a public relations manager in 1997 to interest the media.
This was revealed in Adam Cohen's 2002 book and confirmed by eBay. Chris Agarpao was hired as eBay's first employee and
Jeffrey Skoll was hired as the first president of the company in 1996. In November 1996, eBay entered into its first
third-party licensing deal, with a company called Electronic Travel Auction to use SmartMarket Technology to sell plane
tickets and other travel products. The company officially changed the name of its service from AuctionWeb to eBay in
September 1997. Originally, the site belonged to Echo Bay Technology Group, Omidyar's consulting firm. Omidyar had tried
to register the domain name company's slogan is now "What eBay could have been.") but found it already
taken by the Echo Bay Mines, a gold mining company, so he shortened it to his second choice, eBay went public in
1998, and both Omidyar and Skoll became instant billionaires.

Millions of collectibles, appliances, computers, furniture, equipment, vehicles, and other miscellaneous items are listed,
bought, and sold daily. In 2005, eBay launched its Business & Industrial category, breaking into the industrial surplus
business. Some items are rare and valuable, while many others are dusty gizmos that would have been discarded if not for
the thousands of eager bidders worldwide. Anything can be sold as long as it is not illegal or does not violate the eBay
Prohibited and Restricted Items policy. [apropasauctions]Services and intangibles can be sold, too. Large international companies, such
as IBM, sell their newest products and offer services on eBay using competitive auctions and fixed-priced storefronts.
Regional searches of the database make shipping slightly faster and cheaper. Separate eBay sites such as eBay US and eBay
UK allow the users to trade using the local currency as an additional option to PayPal. Software developers can create
applications that integrate with eBay through the eBay API by joining the eBay Developers Program. As of June 2005,
there were over 15,000 members in the eBay Developers Program, comprising a broad range of companies creating software
applications to support eBay buyers and sellers as well as eBay Affiliates.

Controversy has arisen over certain items put up for bid. For instance, in late 1999 a man offered one of his kidneys for
auction on eBay, attempting to profit from the potentially lucrative (and, in the United States, illegal) market for
transplantable human organs. On other occasions, people and even entire towns have been listed, often as a joke or to
garner free publicity. [aproprosauctions]In general, the company removes auctions that violate its terms of service agreement within a short
time after hearing of the auction from an outsider; the company's policy is to not pre-approve transactions. [apropas] eBay is also
an easy place for unscrupulous sellers to market counterfeit merchandise, which can be difficult for novice buyers to
distinguish without careful studying of the auction description.

For Auction-style listings, the first bid must be at least the amount of the minimum bid set by the seller. Regardless of
the amount the first bidder actually bids, until a second bid is made, eBay will then display the auction's minimum bid as
the current high bid. After the first bid is made, each subsequent bid must be equal to at least the current highest bid
displayed plus one bidding increment. The bidding increment is established by eBay based on the size of the current highest
displayed bid. For example, when the current highest bid is less than or equal to $0.99, the bidding increment is $0.05;
when the current highest bid is at least $1.00 but less than or equal to $4.99, the bidding increment is $0.25. Regardless
of the amount each subsequent bidder bids, eBay will display the lesser of the bidder's actual bid and the amount equal to
the previous highest bidder's actual bid plus one bidding increment. For example, suppose the current second-highest bid is
$2.05 and the highest bid is $2.40. eBay will display the highest bid as $2.30, which equals the second-highest bid ($2.05)
plus the bidding increment ($0.25). [apropros]In this case, eBay will require the next bid to be at least $2.55, which equals the
highest displayed bid ($2.30) plus one bidding increment ($0.25). The next bid will display as the actual amount bid or
$2.65, whichever is less. The figure of $2.65 in this case comes from the then-second-highest actual bid of $2.40 plus the
bidding increment of $0.25. The winning bidder pays the bid that eBay displays, not the amount actually bid. Following this
example, if the next bidder is the final bidder, and bids $2.55, the winner pays $2.55, even though it is less than the
second-highest bid ($2.40) [aproproauctions]plus one bidding increment ($0.25). However, if the next bidder is the final bidder and bids an
arbitrarily large amount, for example $10.00 or even more, the winner pays $2.65, which equals the second-highest bid plus
one bidding increment.

For Dutch Auctions, which are auctions of two or more identical items sold in one auction, each bidder enters both a bid
and the number of items desired. Until the total number of items desired by all bidders equals the total number of items
offered, bidders can bid any amount greater than or equal to the minimum bid. Once the total numbers of items desired by
all bidders is greater than or equal to the total number offered, each bidder is required to bid one full bidding increment
above the currently-displayed winning bid.[apropro] All winning bidders pay the same lowest winning bid. eBay has established
detailed rules about bidding, retraction of bids, shill bidding (collusion to drive up the price), and other aspects of
bidding. These rules can be viewed on the help pages.

eBay generates revenue from a number of fees. The eBay fee system is quite complex; there are fees to list a product and
fees when the product sells, plus several optional fees, all based on various factors and scales. The U.S.-based
takes $0.20 to $80 per listing and 5.25% or less of the final price (as of 2007). [aproauctions] The UK based (
offices) takes from GBP £0.15 to a maximum rate of GBP £3 per 100 for an ordinary listing and from 0.75% to 5.25% of the
final price. In addition, eBay now owns the PayPal payment system which has fees of its own. Under current U.S. law, a
state cannot require sellers located outside the state to collect a sales tax, making deals more attractive to buyers.
Although state laws require purchasers to pay sales tax to their own states on out-of-state purchases, most people ignore
this requirement.[apro] The company's current business strategy includes increasing revenue by increasing
international trade within the eBay system. eBay has already expanded to over two dozen countries including China and
India. The only places where expansion failed were Taiwan and Japan, where Yahoo! had a head start and also New Zealand
where TradeMe, owned by the Fairfax media group is the dominant online auction website.

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  • Me
      2nd of Feb, 2008

    I worked for Apropos Auctions and can tell you everything you said is true. While I valued my friendship with Ben Anderson for a long time I have come to realize that he is only doing business on ebay to cheat people. My father is a Rabbi (Daniel Waknine of Los Angeles) and I could not stomach what I was seeing. I have decided to cooperate with the authorities and help bring Ben to justice. He consistently sells non-existent merchandise and steals the names off dead veterans to keep buyers guessing who he really is. I have had enough of being harassed. And the different shill promoters he uses (his friends in blogs) are just there to confuse people. His company Apropos Auctions (Apro Apropas, etc.) never made any real money. He just lives off the checks he cheats from people to live on the beach in San Diego. Oh, and his former girlfriend Caitlin Swanson can confirm everything I am telling you. She split with Ben Anderson after catching him fooling around with his gay pal Mike Yadegarie. That's why Mike gets on blogs to tell everyone how great Ben is. Mike is his lover I figured out. He was cheating on me behind my back. And now my father knows too. Big deal Ben. Get over yourself. And running for state legislature is not the smartest thing to do when you are a con man and a closet queen at that.

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  • Mo
      14th of Mar, 2008

    Search Warrant executed at Ben Anderson premises re Apropos Auctions alleged Ebay frauds

    On Thursday, March 6, 2008, justice may have finally begun to catch up to Benjamin Joseph Anderson, the elusive 'CEO' of Apropos Auctions, LLC and all its various incarnations (AproposAuctions, Apropo Auctions, ApropoAuctions, Apropas Auctions, ApropasAuctions, Apro Auctions, AproAuctions, etc.) who apparently hid behind checking accounts based on a supposed Limited Liability Company in Michigan that, according to other information posted on this site, was invalid in Michigan and also invalid and not registered with the California Office of the Secretary of State. Read on to learn more about the Anderson's web sites, his YouTube video, about the search warrant and how to help justice prevail. I also understand there may soon be major media coverage. 

On March 6, 2008, after a lengthy undercover investigation of Anderson, his postal mailbox operations, and his the so-called Executive Officer of Apropos Auctions, LLC, Meir Avraham Waknine, the U.S. Postal Inspector office served a search warrant on Anderson's southern California residence as well as his mailbox, taking away all of his computer equipment and all other evidence of his alleged Ebay scams at both the residence and the mailbox. I have been informed that Anderson told the agents executing the search warrant that he never cheated anyone, blaming everything on shoddy business practices.

Please help bring these two to the justice they deserve. If you believe you have been ripped off by either of them, or suffered any mental or other abuse by or because of them, please contact:

Postal Inspector Agent J. Liam Gimon at jlgimon at or call him at San Diego area code 619 and phone number 531-8245. Help Agent Gimon understand how you were ripped off and/or harassed by phone, in person or otherwise by these two (and others?) and that what happened to you was not simply a case of poor business practices. Although the search warrant has been executed, arrest warrants will follow if and when the investigating agents and the United States Attorney determine sufficient evidence exists constituting probable cause of the commission of one or more crimes. You can assist the agents and the U.S. attorney in making that determination by providing them concrete evidence of how you were ripped off or harassed, or both. 

Two other things you may want to do, which others have suggested and seem to have worked, are to file complaints with both the Postal Inspector and the Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3. Just go the IC3 website at and there you will find their on-line form for making a complaint. Making a complaint with the Postal Inspector is also very easy and can be done at their website: . 

If you'd like to call Meir, he seems to use a cell phone number in the L.A. area code of 818 and number 220-3733 to make some of his harassing phone calls. 

Apparently Ben felt the need, after the raid, to make his MySpace site 'private,' so at the moment you'll only get to see one picture of Ben. However, you can see the amazing Ben's 'fascinating' political views on YouTube. Just go to there and search for 'Ben Anderson'. You'll see Ben talk for five minutes about all his wonderful ideas, but strangely enough he doesn't tell the prospective voters anything about himself, where he lives, who supports him, where he went to school, where he grew up, where he works, what's he's accomplished in life, what experience or accomplishments he believes qualify him to be a member of the California legislature, etc., etc. Of course, he never actually ran for office. I guess he couldn't even be straight about that. 

Meir's MySpace site is

Ben also created a MySpace site for Apropos Auctions LLC! It's quite funny. Click on Pics to see stock photos of his non-existent staff, building, etc. On the right is an apparent self-penned fairy tale about the history of the great successes of Apropos Auctions, LLC and the fact that 'executive director' Meir Waknine joined the supposed company in 2007. I guess they didn't know they ought to capitalize that proper noun. It's at:

It also will be helpful if you can update here at [redacted] any additional information you may have.

Thank you.

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  • Ap
      27th of Mar, 2008

    AproposAuctions, LLC is a large volume seller online. Most of what is written above is complete nonsense and out right false information. If you are a customer of AproposAuctions, LLC and need assistance for any matter, you can contact Aproposauctions, LLC at:

    Aproposcollections at gmail dot com


    area code 714 phone number 717-0587

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  • Ap
      8th of Apr, 2008

    Complete nonsense is usually that which makes no sense and cannot be verified.
    Anybody calling the Agent investigating the case can find out for themselves what is true and what is false.

    If Apropos Auctions is NOT being investigated then how come television crews have been interviewing the victims and owners of the mail drop boxes in San Diego and Los Angeles?
    How come the government has assigned agents to track down victims and interview them?
    Why did police execute a search warrant and confiscate the business records?
    Why did the banks turn over the records of all the checks received and deposited?
    How many companies get this kind of treatment when they are legitimate?

    Someone has a lot of 'splainin' to do.

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  • Hi
      9th of Apr, 2008

    I purchased an item from them on Ebay. I have never got the item. They promised me to refund me. However, I have not got my money back yet. It has been over 5 months now.
    This is actual conversation with this company:(I'm asking about my refund cheque)
    I put the refund check in a letter in the mail. You can't put a tracking number on an envelope. it will be there in a few days.
    (I waited 1 month)
    I'm rather embarrassed. Friday evening I found the refund check in the back seat of my car. I thought I had already sent it. I went ahead and sent it priority mail on saturday.
    (the cheque never arrived)
    The contact info on Ebay turns out to be wrong one. I'm very upset. I do not know why such a fraud company still in business. I filed all the complaint forms available. However, I have not seen any progress. The seller I dealt with was Cecil Davis ([protected] It's probably a fake name. If anyone need my help to put this guy behind the bar, contact me at [protected] Thank you.

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  • Co
      10th of Apr, 2008

    To anyone cheated by Ben/Apropos;
    Please contact the US Attorney and US Postal Inspector as they are compiling names and setting the charges against these criminals. Their info is at the end of this posting.

    The entire search warrant is now in the public domain. Ben Anderson /Apropos Auctions was raided and all the details of how nearly $250, 000 in complaints filed are out there for all to see. A pdf of the warrant and application detailing this person's activities will be posted soon on another site. The case is 3:08-mj-00672-CAB unsealed as of 3/13/08. United States District Court/Southern District of California, sworn out by the honorable Cathy Ann Bencivengo, US Magistrate Judge on March 5, 2008 in San Diego, CA.

    And for anyone who was cheated by Ben Anderson/Apropos Auctions you can sue him and have service delivered to his secret hideaway home at 315 Westbourne Street, La Jolla, California.
    That is his REAL address!

    Ben and his helpful friends will soon face arrest. Their CONSPIRACY has been exposed and they will turn on each other like jackals.

    Updated information, April 8, 2008, relating to the results of the search warrant executed at Benjamin Anderson's residence at 315 Westbourne Street, La Jolla, CA 92037 and of his red Ford Mustang Saleen, CA tag no. 6BUV942. The following two documents are now public and no longer under seal. Since 'CEO Ben' and his 'executive director' Meir Waknine never seem to answer their 'live support' number at (714) 717-0587, maybe other arrangements could be made to communicate with them face-to-face.
    Some of the postings apparently made by or on behalf of Anderson, Waknine and 'AproposAuctions, LLC' on [redacted].com and other consumer protection websites since the execution of the search warrant have stated that much of what has been posted about the search warrant is just 'nonsense.' Read the two documents and judge for yourself.
    See the results of the search warrant here:
    ( is a free hosting service and the free hosting of these public documents will expire in approximately 60 days. Please feel free to copy these documents and this information at your discretion. I'm sure Bennie wants to help all his ''customers' get their merchandise or refunds as soon as possible!)
    If you have some 'nonsense' that you think the federal and state authorities may be interested in learning, perhaps you may want to call Assistant U.S. Attorney ('AUSA') Mitch Dembin at (619) 557-5558 regarding Case No. 08MJ0672 about the Ben Anderson 'Apropos Auctions, LLC', etc., activities on Ebay. Do a Google search for AUSA Mitch Dembin and you'll see he's a very experienced computer crimes AUSA. You may also want to call Postal Inspector J. Liam Gimon at (619) 531-8245. Help both of these very accomplished gentlemen do their jobs.

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  • Be
      23rd of May, 2008

    Channel 10 in San Diego has launched a detailed investigation of Ben and Meir and their phony company:

    See the video!

    You will get a big laugh at seeing yourself on hidden camera Ben!
    Mommy must be proud.

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  • Wh
      12th of Jun, 2008

    Whiny Meir goes to jail...doo dah, doo dah.
    Whiny Meir can't make bail... Oh da doo dah day.
    He's going down all night,
    Going down all day.

    Whiny Meir is just upset, doesn't wanna be gay.
    HAHAHAHA Meir and Ben are going to jail soon!

    Meir is quite unbelieveable as he leaves whiny death threatening phone messages for his victims. He must feel the noose tightening around his scrawny soon-to-be-incarcerated neck. Ben likes to threaten lawsuits when he has not got two nickels to rub together. More NEWS and VIDEO are coming soon about these two hoodlums. They threaten anyone who posts anything about them. You have to wonder why? They don't like everyone knowing exactly who they are... Hey Meir! The entire Special Ops forces and veterans groups have your photos and background information now. Booo! You thought you were intimidating? Wait until one of these guys sneaks up on you on a deserted road late one night and surprises you with a stern talk about respecting their deceased comrades!

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  • Ad
      18th of Jun, 2008

    Game over.

    This EMAIL is being sent courtesy of the Special Ops Network - The Extra Mile Brigade. (A group of veteran survivors dedicated to the preservation of the memory of their fallen comrades.)

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  • Ap
      28th of Jul, 2008

    For the definitive truth and facts about AproposAuctions, LLC/Ben Anderson/Meir Waknine and the online stalkers Daniel James Schultz & /name removed/, please view the following page:

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  • Ed
      5th of Aug, 2008

    Another man has been subject to threats and harassment by Ben Anderson of AproposAuctions just this past week. Mr. Picariello of Garnerville, NY won and paid for an item from Ben. But because PayPal would not give Ben the money (gosh we wonder why) he started sending the man ugly threats, just like he does under every ID he uses on eBay. His latest comes from his lindsen39 account. Which he is closing due to negative feedback.

    And as for his wonderful photos of stacks of magazines, anyone can fake a photo like that.

    The only way to know it is Ben's warehouse is if Ben was actually in the photo holding up an old magazine. With his face clearly showing. Ben won't do that and neither will Meir. They don't want anyone to know what they look like.

    Here is the email Ben sent to his latest victim:
    (Now what kind of business sends out such threats?)
    Ben and Meir are flakes.
    Sue everyone Ben.
    You keep saying that you are going to sue.
    So sue everyone.
    They can't wait to take your deposition you lousy little cretin.
    "You have been warned" the little impotent ### write his customers.

    — Ed H. - Nebraska

    Ben's note to his customer:
    From: mmmm noinopin
    Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 2:09 pm

    I highly suggest you pay your debt immediately you mother [censored]er...oru will be on my list

    u have received items from many individuals and you are not paying them.

    i suggest you take this message with high alert and precaution

    PAY YOUR [censored]ING DEBT!!!



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  • Mi
      2nd of Sep, 2008

    Another ebay incarnation as of Aug 25 was "euchur" with email [protected]
    I tried to buy vintage magazines for my son's moonlanding project.
    I suspected something was wrong, because PayPal required insurance for him,
    he had one negative feedback from an excellent user, then PayPal did not recognized him at all.
    I contacted him using the formal eBay mail,
    and he replied to my personal email,
    from 3 different email addresses,
    asking for personal check or money order to Apropos Auctions.
    Then I googled Apropos Auctions, and the rest is history.
    He de-registered from eBay, but, the idiot, kept sending me emails to my personal mail,
    asking my telephone number, to see how we could complete the transaction.
    I told him to get out of my life, and that I will report him to google also.
    Some people...

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  • Pu
      13th of Sep, 2008

    Please post the email addresses so others know who these people are pretending to be.

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