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I was referred over to this company by the Concierge downstairs at my Condominium to fix a refrigerator (it's not cooling). I wasn't able to find anything about this company online, no reviews or anything. So today I decided to give this company a call so see if they could come out.

Naturally, me being cautious dealing with new service companies (because of previous bad experiences) I asked the person who answered the phone a few extra questions such as where are your offices, do you guys have a website, what is the price for the house call, where would you guys buy the parts if you needed to replace something on the refrigerator and what is the size of your company. I also asked the person who answered the phone who would come out for the service call. At the same time I was trying to find a review or something about the company online so I could make sure I really wanted them to come out.

This conversation had gone on for 3-4 minutes when the guy on the phone seemingly irritated asked if I wanted him to come out for the service call or if I was the FBI. Taken a back a bit by this response I reluctantly said yea sure and gave all the information I wanted. At the end I remembered that my condominium requires all service people to be insured and bonded so I asked him if his company was. He said yea. I asked him to bring it with him because my condominium requires them to provide evidence of having insurance before they allow anyone on the premises. At the point the guy very unprofessionally replied, "I work for a lot of large companies. I'm not going to make any special arrangements for you. I think it's best you use someone else". That was the end of it, I thanked the guy (who supposedly was the owner) and hung up the phone.

Basically it doesn't appear that this company even has insurance because all the "large companies" require proof of insurance. I don't think they are very professional either. The rudeness displayed from the supposed owner of the company, was enough for me to consider not using this company EVER. I will also let the concierge downstairs know to not refer this company out to anyone else. If anyone here is thinking about doing business with them I would also advise you to be EXTREMELY cautious when doing business with Appliance Service of Houston and consider using someone else if at all possible.

Apr 13, 2013
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  • Co
      Apr 13, 2013

    Of course the guy was irritated, who wouldn't be! He's trying to run a business and doesn't have time to play twenty questions with you. If your condo wouldn't let him in the building why would they have recommend him?

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  • Ma
      Apr 14, 2013

    We went downstairs and threw the business card away and took the number off the list. Takes care of that problem. Have a nice day.

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