Appliance Associates Service Center / Terrible service

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The service at Appliance Associates Service Center is terrible! I had some problem with two of my home appliances. I did not want to call the service centers of those appliances because I have had terrible experiences with them too. So I contacted Appliance Associates. I thought they would be helpful. But I was totally wrong. I had them fix a date for the workers to come to pick up the appliances. They did not come so I called up the company and asked what them what was wrong they said that none of the workers were free. So next day they came and took my appliances. They told me that I would get it back in two weeks. I waited for a month but I did not receive anything.

I called them up again and asked them what was going on where are my appliances. They said it would be sent the next day. I got one of them but it ceased to function in a matter of days and I did not get the other one yet. Whenever I all the customer service they are busy or the person who takes service calls isn't there. I am tired of them and will do anything to get my money or my appliance back as well as get the one that I got fixed. I did not pay for nothing. Terrible Service!


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